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October 17, 2005 Issue

Cover Story

Stop Time

It’s the ultimate fantasy for the ambitious, professional woman—put off settling down until her forties (or later) without losing the chance to have her own biological child. That’s the tantalizing promise of egg freezing, a new technology that could break a lot of hearts before it makes a lot of babies.


Who is the Real JT LeRoy?

Literary darling JT LeRoy—enigmatic, troubled, sexually ambiguous— is said to be haunted into reclusiveness by his dark past. But a mounting body of evidence raises the possibility that the real reason he’s so reclusive is he doesn’t exist.

A Hard Landing

The driving force behind JetBlue’s success is not onboard TVs and smiley service—it’s the sharp statistical analysis the company uses to set its fares and make money. But soaring fuel prices and cutthroat competitors are putting the JetBlue formula to the test.


Rathergate: The Footnotes

Threatened to take memos to the Times;later admits he had his doubts all along.

Kevin Smith, Online Vigilante

Apparently he has the time.

Harvey Weinstein, Anti-Homework Crusader

Weinstein asked if it were possible to lighten the homework load for fifth-graders. The school said no.

McConaughey’s Miracle Hair

A renewed debate.

Film Fest Fight in the Hamptons

Weekly papers square off.

It Happened Last Week

Reflections on righteousness occupied the thoughts of many New Yorkers, Jew and gentile alike, as they strove to sort out complicated feelings about various public figures.

Underground Barometer

A survey of defiant subway riders, taken during rush hour last Friday morning—the day after the new “bombs in strollers” terror alert.


International date-palm crisis threatens Sukkoth.

No-Showtime at the Apollo

Bloomy gets Rudy-like; and introducing . . .the “Trounce-O-Meter”

You Give Us 40 Years . . .

. . . We’ll give you, if not the world, then at least Stan Brooks, who’s been with 1010 WINS since it launched in ’65. (He listens to NPR in his downtime.)

The 1010 WINS Quiz Never Stops

You’ve woken up listening to their voices for years. But do you have any idea what they look like? (With bonus useless identifying fact!)

CT Goes O.C.

Snotty suburban student musical a smash!


Best Bets

Unusually abundant truffles, vintage posters, and more hot buys.


Dealing with baby-induced spousal envy.

The Look Book

Goes to the Opera.

Restaurant Review

The son of a famous Mexican chef is a manzana that didn’t fall far from the tree.

In Season

An oyster recipe from Fatty Crab.

Ask Gael

Direct Me to a Seriously Excessive Pasta.

The Small Print

Clearing up hard-to-read menus.

The Red Hook Diet

Places to eat and drink that are worth the trek.

Cook Cheap

One of the city’s great cooking schools bakes its own birthday cake.

Brooklyn Noshers

Taste your way around the borough on the kind of night they invented Alka-Seltzer for.


Monitoring five New Yorkers’ reading habits.

Shop News

Store openings this week.

Ask a Shop Clerk

Annie Yeh of Theory.

Sales & Bargains
This week's hottest sales & bargains.


One face, seven makeovers.

Real Estate

Co-op boards are souring on NYU students.

The Culture Pages

Is New York Too Safe?

A MoMA exhibit on safety reminds us what a lollipop town New York has become.

Show and Tell: Yinka Shonibare

“Of course, there’s the relationship between the church and colonialism,” says Shonibare. “But I'm also concerned with the poetic and the poise.”

Movie Review

Two Canadian directors have their way with American culture.

Trailer Mix

Reviews of movie previews.

Theater Review

A new play from Richard Greenberg, who’s interesting even when he isn’t.

Tall Horse Reviewed

At this point, who isn’t sick of puppets?

The Long Story Short

How Sarah Kane’s Life—and Afterlife—Made Her Plays a Sensation.

Book Review

How depression made Lincoln a better president.


The rebranding of Ruth Rendell.

TV Review

CBS’s Cold Case is the best cop show out there.

Einstein's Big Idea Reviewed

Just how the world found out that energy equals mass plus the speed of light squared is dramatized with more or less a straight face.

Hot Properties Reviewed

Whatever the hysterical women in 'Hot Properties' are selling, it isn’t real estate.

Man of the House: Reverend Run

"You like Kenny G?" "Love, not like. I could play it all day."

Classical Music Review

Two foreign orchestras outshine the tame New York Philharmonic.

The Approval Matrix

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.


The Imperial City

The Pennsylvania evolution trial might just provide the right with another Roe v. Wade, cause for outrage if ever there was one/


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