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October 24, 2005 Issue

Cover Story

Are Jews Smarter?

A new study argues that Jews, forced by centuries of discrimination to survive on wits alone, have become more intelligent through natural selection. It’s provoked a fresh controversy over the use and misuse of genetic science—and has one of the study’s authors dreaming of a smart drug.


How New York's Shock Jockette Got Supersized

Wendy Williams, once the black-sheep daughter of two schoolteachers, grew up to become the female Howard Stern: lewd, blunt, nosy, and tremendously successful. How the girl who finished almost last in her high-school class rose to the top by finding a profession where being unhinged is good for business.


The state of New York releases to the public information on heart surgeons’ fatality rates—and those statistics look better every year. But an increasing amount of evidence suggests that’s because doctors are turning away the patients who need their help the most.

Winter Travel 2005

The Follow-Your-Bliss List

Fifty trips for 50 obsessions—wine-tasting in Chile, indie-rocking in Glasgow, hippo-spotting in Botswana, gambling in Macao, and more.


Hillary Becomes Fernando Commando

Hedging Hill joins Bill in a last-ditch mission to save Ferrer.

Brad Pitt, Styrofoam Architect

The movie star wants to break ground on the Las Vegas Strip.

The Sky Keeps Falling

On West 12th Street.

Ann Dexter-Jones: The Heal Deal

Seems to work miracles.

Oliver Stone Has No Opinion

About the Freedom Center.

It Happened Last Week

In a gray, sodden week, one that pushed New York toward a new record for October rainfall, the city echoed with strange linguistic innovations.

Hung Up on Size

The author of a new book about an old stereotype discusses America’s fixation on measuring up.

Spywitness News

With G.P.S., “The Man” knows where you are and how long you stopped for lunch. WABC reporters now watched by their bosses.

Saturday the Rabbi Came Out

Or was the former head of Flatbush’s Orthodox Yeshiva inadvertently outed before he was ready?

Hurry Up Freddy!

Sure the subway threat wasn’t fact-based. But things are looking trouncier.


Best Bets

Enormous chocolate truffles, the ideal winter boot, and more.

Economy of One

Fashion phenom Doo-Ri Chung spends a hypothetical $16K.

Look Book

A children’s-clothes designer.


Using the negative personal ad.

Shop News

Store openings this week.

Ask a Shop Clerk

Robert Gerstner of Aedes de Venustas.

Sales & Bargains
This week's hottest sales & bargains.

Market Research

A survey of wallets.

Restaurant Review

Thor brings experimental cuisine to the LES.

In Season

A fennel salad recipe.

Ask Gael

Nibble the life of leisure at the Garden Court Cafe.

Restaurant Openings & Buzz

Week of Oct. 17, 2005: Ginger, Jovia, and Barça 18.

Kind of Blue

The coming reign of a boutique- breed chicken.

N’Awlins For a Night

A Louisiana-expat restaurateur hosts a benefit for Katrina victims.

Digging for Truffles

It's going to be a bountiful white-truffle season.

Real Estate

The market cools off.

The Culture Pages

Wonder Boy

Robert Downey Jr. is still playing troubled types but no longer living his roles.


Tracking Santiago Calatrava’s refreshingly sincere architectural visions from idea to reality.

Movie Review

An understated Steve Martin vehicle (for once!) hinges on a superb performance by Claire Danes.

How Sincere Is Too Sincere?

The ‘Elizabethtown’ conundrum.

Book Review

A half-successful memoir about New York, cars, and personal fulfillment.

Roman à Clef Watch!

A spate of real people turn up in recent novels.

Theater Review

Steve Earle on his NYC debut as a playwright.

Art Review

The Met’s Van Gogh exhibit shows the method behind the madman.

Classical Music Review

Philip Glass coasts on his reputation with a bombastic premiere, while Ricky Ian Gordon’s newest work is amazingly intimate.

The Approval Matrix

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.

The Week

New on DVD

The Hitchcock Masterpiece Collection: a must-have.


The Power Grid

As the difference between Web search and Web content shrinks, Barry Diller’s surprise purchase of Ask Jeeves will make more and more sense.

The City Politic

The off-the-record dismissal of the subway threat was only the most recent example of the GOP abusing Bloomberg.


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