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March 6, 2006 Issue

Cover Story

The Lost Soprano

On December 10, onetime movie star and Sopranos player Lillo Brancato Jr. left the Crazy Horse strip club to look for drugs, only to find himself tangled up in the killing of a cop. Like the previous ten years of Brancato’s life, it was a case of tragedy imitating art.

Plus:Confessions of a Desperate (Mob) HousewifeBlood Brothers: The Sopranos Cast Realize No One Lives ForeverSix Writers Imagine How The Sopranos Will End


Men and the Menu

She slept with Elvis, Burt, and Clint. But that was nothing next to eating tripe for the first time. Insatiable appetites and culinary adventures from a 40-year gourmet career


Scarlett’s Ex Carries a Torch Song

“Scars are in her name,” notes lovelorn rocker.

Where in the World Is Shockey?

Last seen in Panama.

Kissinger Plants One On Buddy Weld

Fund-raiser is sweet gesture.

Suspended Student Gets Summers Scoop

Harvard boots prez, kid.

Franzen Meets Palestinian Flutist

Homeland Security doesn’t want to hear the music.

Turf Love

Maybe it’s no coincidence that in a week when we learned that the city will be, within twenty years, home to another 1 million souls (hey, someone’s gotta live above the new Whole Foods on East Houston), peoples’ need to claim their turf dominated the week.

The Celebrity Trust Index

Sophisticated celebrity-ranking survey shows which famous people Americans feel most influenced by as brand-shills, and why. (New York celebs are usually less well-liked.)

Inserting an Elephant

Crobar stuffs an entire other club inside itself! Don’t tell the community board.

All the Cubicle’s a Stage

Every New Yorker seems to think his or her life is a movie; the Actors Institute helps its corporate-world clients learn to play their roles better.

A ‘Bioterrorist’ at the Biennial

Steve Kurtz leaves his bacteria in buffalo.


Best Bets

An efficiently awesome DVD projector, colorful highball glasses, and more.

Ask a Shop Clerk

Brandon Schoderbek of Dylan's Candy Bar.

Shop News

Store openings this week.

Look Book

An art scenester who emulates Debbie Harry.

Everything Guide to Light

How to find the prettiest lamps, who makes the best bulbs, where to gaze at the bright blue sky, and other tips for optimizing your use of light.
Adam Platt’s Diet-Meal Taste Test
How to Pack Light
Ask the Expert: A Physics Professor Explains Fluorescent Lights

The Restaurant Review

At Ureña, the cuisine, thankfully, is better than the décor.

In Season

A pickled Jerusalem artichokes recipe from a City Bakery chef.


Super chefs’ favorite secret stores.

Back in Margaritaville

Just as the original Miracle Grill says adios, Manhattan is entering a new Mexican moment. Here are the most recent arrivals from south of the border.

You Want Fries With That?

Some fancy-pants chefs aren’t above flipping a burger every now and then.


Taipei, the next Shanghai.

Real Estate

An unexpected boom in Stuy Town.

The Culture Pages

Suddenly Liza

Liza Minelli has honed a talent for acting compellingly unhinged all her life.

The Movie Review

A damning documentary in which the Democrats, for once, are the bad guys for once.

The Pre-Show Game

New York’s David Edelstein and Hollywood’s Lynda Obst engage in their annual dissection of the Oscars.

The Art Review

Edvard Munch, master of repressed madness.

The Theater Review

Harry Connick, Jr. is game but ultimately miscast in a Broadway turn.


After winning everything in sight last year, John Patrick Shanley’s pedophilia thriller-drama-parable has turned to new actors to keep running, and the transplant hasn’t entirely come off.

Cult Follower: Doug Wright

Doug Wright just can’t stay away from weirdos. His play Quills dramatized the Marquis de Sade’s exploits, and I Am My Own Wife told the story of an East German transvestite informant. And now he’s written the book for a new musical, Grey Gardens.

The Book Review

The shamefully fascinating pursuit of obituary study.

The TV Review

Dick Wolf’s new series contains an un-Wolf-like level of melodrama.

The Good Guy: Dennis Haysbert

Never fear, America: Dennis Haysbert is back in charge. The assassination of his character on 24, President David Palmer, was a shocker, but on March 7, Haysbert returns to TV as the no-bullspit special-forces commander, Jonas Blane, on CBS’s The Unit.

The Classical Music Review

Two really beautiful people make beautiful music at the Met.

The Approval Matrix: Week of March 6, 2006

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.


The Imperial City

The fall of Harvard President Larry Summers is like Howell Raines all over again.

The City Politic

When is Bloomberg going to exploit that mandate we all heard so much about?

The Week

Biennial Bonus

Smarten up before the Whitney’s survey: Three artists with a big presence in the show have solo shows up this week as well.

Art Lessons

Prep yourself at these events, and you’ll be ready with small talk when you try to chat someone up at the Biennial or the Armory Show.

Mark the Date

Equal parts icon and iconoclast, Mark Morris celebrates his company’s 25th anniversary this month, and BAM is going all out.

Growing by Leaps and Bounds

Younger set responds to the TV-dance boom.


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