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March 13, 2006 Issue

Cover Story

Best of New York

This year, as in past years, our food fanatics, shopping obsessives, semi-professional night crawlers, and assorted other experts have scoured the city in search of the finest, well, everything. The result is our utterly unimpeachable (all right, it’s somewhat subjective), altogether comprehensive (there are 250-plus selections, anyway), and entirely useful (we stand by that claim 100 percent) manifesto on all things superlative.
Best of: Eating | Shopping | Beauty | Services | Nightlife | Kids



Three cities, 14,000 candles, millions of dollars, and one ex-president: the blow-by-blow of a hotel heir’s mega-wedding.


Scientology Trumps ‘Men’s Journal’

Did Tom Cruise double-cross Jann Wenner’s guys’ mag over Rolling Stone article?

Book ’Em, Phoebe!

Cates nabs burglar.

Harry Potter and the Montauk Hwy.?

J. K. Rowling hits the Hamptons.

Arrivederci, Sal Anthony’s

$14.95 prix fixe, gone.

Trump’s Jersey Trump Card

Why file libel suit in Camden? County king’s a pal.

Trust Falls

If James Frey, Jayson Blair, and half-price sushi have taught us anything, it’s this: Be careful whom you trust. Still, last week’s endless displays of broken confidences must have surprised even the most cynical among us.

Self-Incrimination in the Supermarket Checkout Line

Can those loyalty cards that give you a discount at the register cost you your freedom?

The Buyennial

Collectors hit the Whitney, checkbooks in hand. (David Byrne feels priced out.)

Put on a Happy Face

Why are even well-groomed people sometimes still depressed? Thanks to advances in cosmetology, it might not have to be that way. Some new beauty products are claiming they can lift more than your sagging face.

The Shining PATH

The future according to the Port Authority: a new airport, an E-Z Pass that works on all trains, and the first new Hudson River tunnel in decades.

Dead Heads

Officially, Manhattan’s subway stations boast 28 public restrooms. But any commuter who believes that is going to end up pretty pissed off.

NASCAR With Ponies

Polo hits ESPN.


Best Bets

Casual food the Per Se way, the ultimate window cleaner, and more hot buys.

Shop News

Store openings this week.

Ask a Shop Clerk

Abby Hay of Constanca Basto.

Look Book

A Saks-loving ex–executive assistant.

Real Estate

A newcomer on upper Park Avenue fits right in.

My Very Own Airline

Cost aside, private travel is a no-brainer: Set your schedule, skip JFK, stretch your legs. But once the jargon (fractionals, jet cards, charters) is decoded, how realistic is having your own plane? For most, it’s still going to be a pie in the sky.

The Culture Pages

Cyndi Lauper: The Remix

Cyndi Lauper tries to shake her iconic status even as it helps her onto the Broadway stage.

The Movie Review

An unambitiously enjoyable indie from Mexico.

Beware the Undulating Curve of Shifting Expectations!

With the Oscars race finally over, we can stop looking backward at 2005 and get back to unreasonably inflating our expectations for what’s coming up this year.

The Theater Review

Martin McDonagh and John Patrick Shanley square off again, with different results this time.

Influences: In the Men’s Room With Wallace Shawn

Before I was 5, I did have a lot of time on my hands. I had no job and really no career, and I spent an awful lot of time listening to records. It was more the classical ones, really.

The Book Review

The weirdly non-surreal life of Macaulay Culkin.

The TV Review

HBO’s polygamist show is almost lighthearted.

The Art Review

Goya did not get soft in his old age.

Show and Tell: Bruno Rosier

In Bruno Rosier’s show at Aperture gallery and the accompanying book, the original, selfish reason for taking the picture—capturing that “I was here” moment—is elevated to a collective memory.

The Pop Music Review

Hem: not as trendy as its indie peers, but just as good.


Absent the meandering grooves that were usually his trademark, it sounds like the Kanye West discography thrown into a blender—hundreds of chewy and gooey morsels of soul vocals, to be gobbled in rapid succession.

Put a Cork in It

In grape-crazed New York, the wine-bar watch never stops.

Brooklyn South Precinct

With pizzerias and mom-and-pop bistros popping up at every turn, the south end of Park Slope is fast becoming a dining destination.

The Approval Matrix

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.


The Power Grid

George Allen vs. John McCain vs. George W. Bush.

The Bottom Line

Alternative energy’s not just for the green anymore.

The Week

You’re Not From Around Here, Are You?

Two monsters of Deep South classic rock come to the big bad city.

Brooklyn: The Plays

Yes, the theater world does reach outside Manhattan.

Fair Game

The Armory Show’s not the only place to shop—or at least dream of shopping— for art this week.

To the Core

Organic veggies at the root of conflict.

American Ideologues

Two divergent points of view mark the third anniversary of the Iraq war’s start.

First Time’s the Charm

A pair of uncommonly promising young artists reach New York milestones this week.


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