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May 15, 2006 Issue

Cover Story

The Influentials

New York is in a state of constant flux, but it doesn’t change on its own: It takes the push and pull of millions of willful and sometimes ingenious individuals. Inside, you’ll find an annotated list of, arguably, the city’s most influential people (and argue you will). In preparing this list, we tried to distinguish influence from power—to identify those, famous and not, who are leaving a discernible mark on the city. Whether those changes are for better or worse, we hope they offer a collective portrait of a dynamic New York at this moment in its life. Incidentally, the portrait on this page is of one particular influential, but you’ll have to figure out who it is from the complete roster.
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Spitz, Paterson Really Split the Ticket

Already behaving like an old married couple.

Can Heath Ledger Save Bklyn?

Or can Buscemi?

Hot Chelsea Art Trend: Shoplifting

A gallerist’s innocence lost.

‘Syriana’ CIA Agent Spooks Clooney

Why do girls date George?

Boutique Duo Check Out Separately

Errico and Hanson split.


Sure, Tom Cruise commandeered a D train in a Mission: Impossible PR stunt, David Blaine spent the week in a tank of saltwater hoping his skin wouldn’t bubble off, and a vampire teen was on the loose in Queens, but can anyone really doubt that the most fascinating person in the city last week was deli cashier Sylvia Garcia?

Dust Bowl

The Greenpoint fire throws the future of a legendary skate-rat paradise into question.

Farmer Ban

Warding off the organic rabble.

Guant�namo Better Blues

How the Bush Administration has helped fuel the growth of human-rights activism around the world.

The Afterlife of a Prom Gown

Prom season is upon us, and a gown-donation service struggles to match girls to dresses previously worn for only one enchanted evening.

Remembering Rudy

Why�d it take so much time to make the documentary Giuliani Time?


Best Bets

A tennis racket for the good-but-not-that-good female player, high-class patchouli, and more hot buys.

Ask a Shop Clerk

Eric Sauma of Mood Fabrics.

Shop News

Store openings this week.

Look Book

A financial analyst who strives to look like a million bucks at all times.

Underground Gourmet

A tale of two fried-chicken establishments.

In Season

A morel fricassee from a Café Boulud chef.

Insatiable Critic

Gael Greene reviews Capital Grille.

Bicentennial, On the Rocks

Q&A with David Wondrich, curator of the Museum of the American Cocktail.

The “It” Fish

Escolar, the deep-sea, warm-water fish with a checkered past, is back in the spotlight—if it ever truly went away.

Trickle-Down Effect

We tapped Blaue Gans sommelier Aldo Sohm, a veteran of a ground-breaking water tasting in his native Austria (tap beat out all the bottled brands), to test the ecofriendly waters.

You Shouldn’t Have!

Take Mom to brunch on Mother’s Day.

Spain on $25 a Day

Two weeks of Basque lunch buffets.

Real Estate

The cross-generational roommate solution.

Triple Assessment

Three brokers assess an East 79th Street apartment.


Mets hero Keith Hernandez sells his 49th Street pied-à-terre.

The Culture Pages

The Approval Matrix: Week of May 15, 2006

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.

Let Them Eat . . . Um, What?

Paul Renner develops the little-known artistic subgenre of comedic gastronomic performance art.

The Movie Review

Tom Cruise– centrism limits the potential inventiveness of the Mission: Impossible series, but the latest entry works well regardless.

Influences: Robert Redford

What influences the actor and Sundance founder.

African Boyhood: Richard E. Grant

Q&A with actor-turned-director of Wah-Wah Richard E. Grant.

The Theater Review

A casually hilarious performance from Bob Martin highlights an unusually well-written Broadway comedy about the world of musical theater.

Where Have I Read That Before?

The scourge of plagiarism is plaguing all writers. Thanks to Kaavya, everyone’s a suspect.

The TV Review

Two lousy disaster movies and a Stephen King adaptation prove that man-made problems are more horrifying than earthquakes and epidemics.


The Imperial City

Kaavya Viswanathan, the ultimate modern plagiarist.

The Week

Mommy and Me

Mother’s Day events that you and Mom might both enjoy.

An Hour in Chelsea

Three big names arrive just in time for auction season.

Merry Month of May

Highlights from Productions’ monthlong festival of classic Shakespeare comedies and one new farce.

Diamond Days

Spring means the return of New York City Ballet’s Diamond Project, the extravaganza of new repertoire.

Welcome Back to the Jungle

Two eighties giants come to town.

Mothers of Invention

FAO Schwarz wants playful ideas.


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