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May 29, 2006 Issue

Cover Story

The Comeback Kid

Over the past few years, Al Gore has accumulated a massive store of I-told-you-sos—and that might be enough to fuel another run at the White House, with a happier ending, perhaps.


The Trouble With Hillary

The mounting anxiety in both parties over Hillary the Inevitable.

Dirty Old Women

In high-school comedies, music videos, and certain kinds of dreams, an adult woman’s having sex with a teenager is celebrated as the epitome of awesomeness. But when it happens in real life, people go to jail. Should Mrs. Robinson fry?

Bright Lights, Medium-Size City

Peter Gatien was the rogue club king of New York nightlife until a grisly murder, a drug trial, and a spate of legal trouble got him exiled to Canada. Fortunately for him, it turned out that a rogue club king was just what Toronto needed.


Commish Kelly’s Inquisition

Crime hacks feel the heat.

Madonna’s Gaultier Holiday

Cone-bra genius still thinks he’s her only lucky star.

Paradise City for Axl & Sebastian

They party with Paris and Lindsay.

No Sanctuary at St. Mark’s

Cool priest cast out.

Mr. ‘American Idol’ Loves His Robe

LIU wants it back.

Shooting Stars

Some weeks, star power takes a backseat to firepower.

Pomp and New Circumstances

A random survey of 2006 Columbia graduates about their GPAs, how much money they think they�ll make, and if they agree with Hillary that they�re lazy and entitled.

The Rudyfication of Bloomberg

Bullying. Self-righteous. Lecturing. Obstreperous. How Mayor Mike is becoming Rudy-like.

How a Kid Is Like an IPO

A teacher at an elite prep school and an uptown SAT tutor tell all.

The Soda Fountainhead

Finally, there�s a vegetarian refuge for Ayn Rand fans.

Why $1 Isn�t Enough

Bartenders have been getting tipped a buck a drink since the sixties. They want more.


Best Bets

A gizmo-laden sports bra, new lawn furniture for modernists, and more

Ask a Shop Clerk

Annateus Sofhian of The Conran Shop.

Shop News

Store openings this week.

Look Book

A dancer and mother in a “Korean H&M” outfit.

Great Room

A onetime Village toolshed turned greenhouse of relaxation.

The Restaurant Review

High-class Mediterranean food and a classy atmosphere at Dona.

In Season Recipe

Green-garlic- and-fromage-blanc crostini.

Alfresco Delicioso

Whether you’re eating solo on a park bench or sprawling on a meadow, there are far superior picnic alternatives to the nearest knish vendor.

The DIY Basket

From chef and veteran hiker Bill Telepan, a menu for four that can withstand a cross-country trek and emerge from plastic containers unscathed and delicious.

Low and Slow

Now that it’s safe to say (except in the presence of a Texan) that New York is a decent barbecue town, why not tuck a napkin underneath your chin for National Barbecue Month?

Urban Outings

These funky alfresco spots might help you forget being stuck in town over Memorial Day weekend.

Real Estate

Co-ops use the flip tax to avoid maintenance increases.


Having survived the upfronts last week, NBC Universal chief Jeff Zucker and his wife, Caryn, continue to shop around for a place to call home after selling their duplex at 239 Central Park West.

Same Space, Different Place

A comparison with a space at the serviceable but unglamorous 550 Grand Street is an eye-opener.

The Culture Pages

The Approval Matrix

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.

In the Company of Men

A portfolio of lithe bodies from the New York City Ballet’s “Diamond Project”.

The Movie Review

The Da Vinci Code doesn’t deserve the hype, while Brett Ratner’s X-Men: The Last Stand just deserves a better director.

DVD Filter

Movies new on DVD this week: The Bette Davis Collection, Vol. 2, Star Spangled to Death, The Paul Morrissey Collection, Harlan County, U.S.A., and more.

The Book Review

Michel Houellebecq’s clone novel is a clever but messy commentary on the possibility of eternal life.

Influences: Roger Angell

Roger Angell on his cultural and baseball education.

War Novelist: Scott Anderson

Q&A with the sometime war correspondent and new fiction writer.

The TV Review

A shocking and absorbing retelling of the Beslan tragedy.

The Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad President

Government officials aren’t regarded quite so tenderly on TV anymore.

The Week

Hard Acts to Follow

Our picks from Ensemble Studio Theatre’s annual Marathon festival of one-act plays by acclaimed playwrights.

Summer Snark

Highlights from Williamsburg’s Brick Theater’s $ellout Festival, billing itself as the “best artistically void” showcase of the summer.

We’re Here, We’re . . .

An evening of smart talk about gender issues at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center.


Who says there’s nothing to do with Junior on the East End?

An Afternoon on Museum Mile

Worthy diversions for a holiday weekend in town.


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