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October 16, 2006 Issue

Cover Story

Stephen Colbert Has America by the Ballots

By Adam Sternbergh
When Colbert’s show debuted a year ago, it seemed like a daily faux-celebration of demagoguery, viciousness, stupidity, and dishonesty might be a bit of a narrow joke. But Washington politics seems to have followed his lead. These days it is reasonable to ask: Besides demagoguery, viciousness, stupidity, and dishonesty, what else is there to talk about?
Plus: “Stephen Colbert” offers some bipartisan advice on how to win in November, a midterm mudslinging scorecard, and Joshua Green on Karl Rove’s most trying hour.


The Organ Grinder

A disgraced ex-dentist named Michael Mastromarino is charged with stealing bodies to harvest bones, skin, and other tissue to meet the growing demand for spare human parts. But the most shocking thing about this case is everything he did that’s legal.

Meet. Mate. Multiply.

Speed-dating is for wimps. Today, lonely and not-so-young- anymore urban professionals turn to speed-marriage. And then speed-pregnancy.


McGreevey’s McGrievance

Ex-gov didn’t want to just read a “Top Ten List.”

Tinsley Mortimer Exported to Japan

Some friends scoff.

You’re in Good Hands With Freddy?

Ferrer, insurance man.

Frank Bruni’s New Boss Pans Prose

“Ripe fruit basket.”

Gossip Queen of Queens

Rupert Murdoch branches out to the outer boroughs.


It was a week filled with the supernatural.

The Posture People

Alexander Technique disciples want New Yorkers to straighten up.

Reynolds Rap

Upstate Dems try to figure out a tasteful way to tag a GOP congressman with the Foley scandal.

The Rapture Takes Manhattan

New Evangelical video game meticulously re-creates the city so you can destroy it in a battle against the forces of darkness.


Best Bets

A canned beer that’s worth pouring, the next-generation flashlight, a new ball for the NBA, and more.

Ask a Shop Clerk

Q Adjarenimako of Todd Oldham by La-Z-Boy.

Crew Cuts Opens on Prince Street

At J.Crew’s new kids’ store, the label’s signature prepster gear is shrunken for children.


How to spy—and not get spied upon.

Look Book

Cousins en suite.

Restaurant Review

If only there were a less-unruly place than his new restaurant to enjoy Joël Robuchon’s brilliant cuisine.

In Season

Taïm’s spicy Moroccan carrots recipe.

Insatiable Critic

For deliciously ostentatious swank that’s infinitely cheaper than a status handbag, you must try the $85 black-truffle pizza on the new “Brasserie” menu in the bar at Café Gray.

Restaurant Openings & Buzz

Week of October 16, 2006: Bedford Cheese Shop relocates, Urban Lobster, and Cobblestone Foods. Plus, how to find good eggs.

Taste Testing

A panel of beer enthusiasts separates the delicious from the gimmicky.

Real Estate

Assessing expert property assessors.

The Culture Pages

Yes, That’s a Local Call

A behind-the-scenes pictorial history of 40 years of authentically New York movies.

Theater Review

Michael Bennett’s A Chorus Line might be dated, and its revival unspectacular, but it’s still canonical.

Madcap Maverick: Swoosie Kurtz

Q&A with the Heartbreak House actress.

TV Review

The story of Daniel Pearl and his kidnapper is as scary as most terror narratives but not as simple.

Very Live Wire: Tracy Morgan

Q&A with the 30 Rock star.


A band of citizen critics takes on the hits, from Bob Dylan to Christina Aguilera and more.

Movie Review

Leave the rich girl alone. Music aside, Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette is far from a royal disgrace.

Altman’s Jackpot!

Among the marvelous works of Robert Altman in that breathless stretch from M*A*S*H (1970) to Nashville (1975) is his gambling movie, California Split.

Book Review

Pickup guru Neil Strauss surveys what he has wrought.

Brave Heart: Jeffrey Goldberg

Q&A with the author of Prisoners: A Muslim & a Jew Across the Middle East Divide.

The Approval Matrix

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.


The Imperial City

The Times is walking eyes-wide-open into another mess in the Duke rape case.

The Week

Arriving at the Center

The standouts from American Ballet Theatre’s City Center season, starting this week.

The Top Five: Crafts Classes

From Bryant Park Knits to Family Art Workshops.


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