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December 25, 2006 Issue

Cover Story

Reasons to Love New York

Our second annual catalogue of the phenomena both new and timeless that make our metropolis irresistible. From the heroic (one New Jersey teen’s journey to the FDNY) to the amazin’ (Endy Chavez’s miracle catch) to the merely outrageous (Donald Trump’s obsession with his own endowment), it’s a wide-ranging—but of course not nearly comprehensive enough—attempt to explain what makes this city so worthy of undying, if complicated, adoration.


Schmatte Week Vs. Rosh Hashanah

Will New York, unlike Paris, respect a Jewish holy day?

Princely Sums Bug Sherman

Can’t disguise envy.

G-Man Looks to Privatize

NYSE sure looked nice.

Slippery Slope at Food Co-op

Liberals who got robbed.

Kramer’s Big Defender: KRS-One

Gives lesson in semiotics.

It Happened Last Week

Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” was tapped as a finalist for the Grammy for Record of the Year, which certainly seemed appropriate, since, as 2006 ran out, the whole world appeared headed for a rubber room.

Mansion on the Hill

The Telecaster-rockin’ five-term Queens congressman who’s suddenly the newest player in Washington.

Bonus Beef

It’s time for the $750 steak, seasoned with white truffles, not A-1 sauce. Bloodthirsty wall streeters, Mickey Rourke eat it up.


Forget your astrologer—astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is here to predict the end of the world.

Dark Night at the Circus

Sirio Maccioni frets over who can bring the stars back to Le Cirque.


Best Bets

A bottle of Château Haut-Brion to break the bank and other holiday splurge-inducers.

Shirako Season

The succulent Japanese delicacy that looks like brains.

Gordon Ramsay’s Fashion Nightmare

Is Gordon Ramsay too fashion-forward for uptown diners?

Insatiable Critic

Marinate an Austrian in the culture of New York eating for a while, and don’t be surprised if he comes up with a menu like chef Daniel Angerer’s (ex of Fresh) at his new Klee Brasserie.

In Season

Despite their year-round availability, dried black-eyed peas get their chance to shine in a a southern specialty served on New Year's Day.

Out With a Bang

If you’re going to dine out on New Year’s Eve, why skimp?

Ocean’s Seven

The Feast of the Seven Fishes, an Italian Christmas Eve tradition, gets translated (and sometimes truncated) hereabouts.

New Year's Eve

Making the most of two party locations most New Yorkers avoid on December 31: Times Square and their own living rooms.

Real Estate

Holiday lobby displays that inspire feelings unfit for the season.

Amedeo Opens on Lexington Avenue

Amedeo’s elegant cameos are hand-carved from African and Caribbean seashells.

Ask a Clerk: Daniel Lemay

"I believe they hire us because we have an accent, and this gives an exotic taste to the Christmas tree."

The Culture Pages

Mayhem on Earth

Clive Owen on moving between the socially aware and the unabashedly pulpy.

The Movie Review

Clint Eastwood’s second Iwo Jima movie is great; Sylvester Stallone’s sixth Rocky isn’t bad.

The Good Guy: Edward Norton

Q&A with the 'The Painted Veil' star.

The Theater Review

It is hoped 'Spring Awakening' will awaken more authentically rocking, convention-defying Broadway composers.

The Art Review

Two shows trace the evolution of Saul Steinberg’s whimsically appalled worldview.

’Tis the Season for the Undulating Curve of Shifting Expectations!

New York Magazine's holiday buzz and backlah report.


Microsoft’s Gears of War is the most realistic alien-invasion video game yet.

The Matrix Awards

The highbrowest, lowbrowest, brilliantest, and despicablest things of the year.

The Week

Year in Music

New Year’s doesn’t have to be a nightmare of velvet ropes and supersize prices. (But do book tickets to these shows sooner rather than later.)

Holiday Happenings

Which museums stay open while you have guests to entertain?

The Top Five: Holiday Reading

'When Santa Fell to Earth' and more.


The Power Grid

Barack Obama has gone as far as he can on charm: Now it’s time for substance.

The Public Interest

Is the trans-fat ban an Orwellian move by a power-mad health commissioner? Eh, probably not.


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