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January 15, 2007 Issue

Cover Story

Chasing Dash Snow

While many bemoan the loss of bohemia, a few twentysomething artists are actually doing something about it. How Ryan McGinley and Dan Colen are turning De Menil heir Dash Snow into their Edie Sedgwick and filling a debauched downtown niche.


Chairman of the Money

Before Election Day, he was a loose cannon sending shots from Harlem toward the heartland’s powers that be; now he’s a still-pretty-loose cannon at the head of the Ways and Means Committee. Tagging along with a bemused Charlie Rangel as he hunts new targets for his impatience.

Tiki Barber: The Exit Interview

The world of sports pundits can’t understand why Tiki Barber would possibly retire from football at the height of his abilities. And on all the days when he literally pulls himself out of bed to be lectured like a child, he can’t understand why they don’t understand.


Flower Power by the High Line

Event planner’s architectural dreams may blossom.

Big News in Notorious Case

Possible cop cover-up.

Will Chappelle Mend Broken Angel?

Block Party’s “ill house” ill.

Super-Applicants Super-Update

They did super-duper.

Politicos Pose in Power Powder Blue

The red power tie is dead.

It Happened Last Week

In the days following the synchronized New Year’s drops of the Times Square glitter ball and Britney Spears onto the floor of a dance club, everyone seemed to be feeling gravity’s pull.

No Safe Harbor

Manhattan’s once bustling waterfront is about to lose one of its few remaining working piers to a convention center. A longshoreman’s lament: Where will the cruise ships go now?

Secret Park Avenue Crypt Unearthed!

Who built the private tunnel that seems to lead to the Metro-North tracks? “Urban myth” actually based on bricked-up plutocrat-reality.

The Media Diaries

Three New Yorkers track everything they watch, read, and listen to in the course of a week.


Everything Guide to Getting a Dog

Answers for the first-time urban dog owner.

Best Bets

An affordable but robust super-umbrella and other buys for precipitation season.

Ask a Shop Clerk

Jesse Johnson of Flight 001.

Shop News

Store openings this week.

Look Book

An ex-Londoner who defers to his hat-designing wife.

The Restaurant Review

A promising but inconsistent return from the once gaudy, now relatively elegant Russian Tea Room .

In Season

A roasted-parsnip salad from a Bouchon Bakery chef.

Insatiable Critic

So unloved Mix, twice unhappily revised, reemerges as Kobe Club, and the kitchen is already impressive.

Restaurant Openings

Week of January 15, 2007: Taj-Almoulouk , Café Grumpy, and Yoláto.

High Chairs for Grown-ups

With counter dining all the rage, we take stock of some of the city’s newest haute stools.

Feed Me

The culinary no-man’s-land known as the flower district has suddenly become safe for foodies.

Pork and Beans, à la Française

In France, cassoulet has long been the subject of debate. Mercifully, New York chefs take a looser approach, catering to bean-stew classicists and modernists alike.

Real Estate

Stagnant developments aim for New Year’s rebranding.

The Culture Pages

Is Terence Koh’s Sperm Worth $100,000?

Portrait of the artist as a young punk capitalist.

The Art Review

Doug Aitken turns MoMA into one big movie screen.

The TV Review

More bombastically unbelievable action from Kiefer Sutherland & Co.

Is This Book Worth Getting?

What recent fiction is worth your $29.95?

Mr. Tendentious

Norman Mailer has a bone to pick. With you. And you. And ...

The Movie Review

A brilliantly surreal Thai Western epic.

The Undulating Curve of Shifting Awards-Season Expectations!

Movies buzz and backlash report.

The Approval Matrix

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.


The Power Grid

A worried Wall Street discovers that Steve Jobs might not be infallible.

The Week

City of Love

Director Anthony Minghella (The English Patient) headlines Urban Stages’ “Estimated Time of Arrival,” an evening of romantic vignettes.

Photo Ops

Four photography shows provide fresh looks at vintage material.

Avant Arias

If the Met’s too much for you, consider these small-scale takes on new and rarely performed operas.

Jurassic Lark

A real-life Night at the Museum.

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