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April 9, 2007 Issue

Cover Story

Office Life

New Yorkers, as we all know, spend an inordinate amount of time toiling away under fluorescent lights, breathing their co-workers’ air, trading idle gossip, yessing their bosses, and occasionally, perhaps, doing a spot of work. Ranging from office etiquette to the insider stories of policemen and marketing executives to the actual desks of Martha Stewart, Simon de Pury, and Mayor Bloomberg, this issue explores all aspects of workplace mores: the science, the rules, and the displeasures that come with forced cohabitation.


Mr. Clean

The Mets’ third-baseman David Wright, with his dimples and packageable fifties charm, is emerging as a heartthrob to rival Derek Jeter.


A Columbia professor believes (we’re not kidding, and neither is he!) that if crops were grown in skyscrapers, global warming would be reduced, and the city made cleaner and more livable, too.

The 13-Year-Old Prostitute

Had 13-year-old Lucilia been smuggled here to work in a Queens brothel, she’d be viewed as a victim of human trafficking. But because she’s an American citizen, she is considered a criminal.


Rudy’s Rove Connection Hits the Road

Staffer Margaret Hoover sucks it up.

Beyoncé: Not So Parkolicious

Neighbors upset with pop star’s entourage of cars.

Is Hillary Secret Rev. Al Ally?

New way to attack Barack.

Another Run at Becoming Bowery Boulud

Chef tries, tries again to open restaurant on the LES.

Madonna’s Condo Ray of Light

Opens her heart to Chelsea.

Patti LaBelle No Idol Worshipper

Diva says of American Idol contestants: “They’re pitiful!”

It Happened Last Week

Some weeks just roll out like an endless breakfast buffet in the Big Scrapple.


A guy Jhumpa Lahiri briefly dated claims to be the real-life Gogol.

Bingo Academy

Anxious parents gather to find out if their kids were lucky enough to get into a charter school.

Israeli Egg Farming

There is a shortage of Jewish in vitro eggs. Hopeful parents are turning to the Promised Land.

The Disappeared

The cops took his high-tech protest bike and left him with lingering paranoia.


Best Bets

“Sharp little mechanical pencils” and other corner-cubicle delights.

SingStar Pop

SingStar Pop, which goes on sale this week, lets you sing along with 30 music videos from artists like Cyndi Lauper, Franz Ferdinand, and Alicia Keys.

The Nap Revolutionary

Sleep deprivation made Nick Ronco crazy. So crazy that he opened a space-age sanctuary for power napping on West 57th Street.

Look Book

A Parisian New Yorker who loves her white hair and her “sympathique” painter husband.

Restaurant Review

Keith McNally’s latest fails to sparkle or shine or make salt cod taste good.

In Season

Just like ramps, asparagus, and Shack Burgers, eggs have a season. Consider this recipe from George Weld, reigning grill-maestro at Egg.

Insatiable Critic

Quiet as an octopus, Wild Edibles stuffed a mini eat-at counter and eight two-top tables into its small seafood shop on a Third Avenue stretch.

A Good Egg

What does a fresh egg look like? Take a gander.

Lay Ladies Lay

Widen your sunnyside-up horizons with specialty eggs.

He Is the Egg Man

Wylie Dufresne reveals his ultimate fantasy: taking a bath in hollandaise sauce.

Grade AA

Ten egg dishes to cluck over.


The latest craze on the streets is sex on the street.

Real Estate

The city’s doormen have their hands tied.


The celebritization of Brooklyn shows no signs of abating: Actress Lili Taylor may be next to join the ranks of recent thespian immigrants to the borough.

Triple Assessment

Light, views, space—our panelists say there’s little to dislike about this apartment, located in a condo built just two years ago.

The Culture Pages

The Loneliest Soprano

Edie Falco finally gets to clip the Jersey claws that belonged to TV’s most loyal wife.


In the studio with Fountains of Wayne.

The Music Review

Robert Glasper’s jazz piano trio echoes the sweet sounds of Fort Greene in the late nineties.

The Art Review

Celebrating the eccentric urban cultures of Barcelona and Venice as if they were our own.

Senior Moment

Yale photo guru Tod Papageorge has taught his share of art stars. Is it his turn now?

The Movie Review

Will Ferrell plays loving havoc with the American male psyche.

Art-House Conundrums on the Undulating Curve of Shifting Expectations!

The critics' dilemma: If you trumpet a little-known wonder too loudly, the very audience you rustle up is guaranteed to leave the theater feeling underwhelmed.

The Theater Review

Vanessa Redgrave’s Joan Didion, a little colder onstage than on the page.

Vomiting—Cathartic or Not?

A. M. Homes, memoirist, talks about why she doesn’t like memoirs.

Can You Tell a Lot About Debut Novelists From Their Times Book Review Covers?

Does a cover slot on The New York Times Book Review guarantee future success?

The Approval Matrix: Week of April 9, 2007

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.


The Download

Classic nerd logic compelled Google to buy YouTube and go to war against the media Establishment.

The Week

Foreign Alternatives

Three simultaneous shows mark the U.S. debut of Brussels-based Pierre Bismuth.

How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall?

Turn on the TV.

Good Friends

Performances enriched by friendships, past and present.

Easter Feasts

Where to dine on Easter Sunday, uptown.

Easter Feasts, Part II

Where to dine on Easter Sunday, downtown.


Letters to the Editor

Readers sound off on challah, health insurance, London, and more.

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