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May 7, 2007 Issue

Cover Story

The High Line: It Brings Good Things to Life

Just a few years ago, the High Line was a hulking vestigial nuisance standing in the way of a FedEx depot. Then it became the poster child for renewal, clever urban planning, and celebrity fund-raising. And now it anchors one of the brand-name development frenzies that, for better or for worse, are the trademark of modern New York.


Studio 54, Where Are You?

On the 30th anniversary of its opening, big shots, doormen, and janitors from the iconic club explain why cultivating glamour can be hard work— and how they all eventually turned to less debauched forms of buzz-mongering.

NEST+m: An Allegory

The quest to make the perfect public school, which cost one high-profile principal her job and made the Lower East Side the unlikely home to a bastion of privilege.


Doctor, Doctor! PR Rx for Doctoroff

Hard-driving deputy mayor goes on charm offensive.

Deposed Barneys Heir

Writes book, shops at Costco, wants old store back.

Gentrification Now Takes Food Stamps

Citarella adjusts to Harlem.

Graydon’s Tribeca Guests Afraid of Waverly

Not in with the Inn crowd.

Condo Art: Buy a Pretty Picture!

Of an apt. you can’t afford.

The Architect Makes His Point

Spittin’ mad at rocker Sheryl Crow says Robert Kennedy Jr.

It Happened Last Week

Just in time for sudden-onset spring, Mayor Bloomberg unveiled his ambitious 2030 plan, which called for a greener Apple.

Coast of Bloomtopia: Three Ways of Looking at PlaNYC

How fewer cars and more trees may be a green screen for Bloomberg’s other plans.

Baldwin +/- Basinger

A gossipist’s chronicle of Alec and Kim’s coupling and uncoupling.

Eau de $5,000

Do ‘yü’ like it?


The Bottom Line

Goldman Sachs might not be a low-profile institution, but it’s still an undervalued stock.


Best Bets

Scavenged doorknobs and other Franklin Street finds.

Shop News

New store openings this week.

Sample-Sale Strategy

At the Aeffe blockbuster, get in, score, and get out.

Look Book

Catwoman, née Niki Notarile, and other fantastically dressed comic-book fans.

Correct Exposure

Which shorts-and-T-shirt runway fashions are worth imitating.

Restaurant Review

Wondering what a gastropub really is.

In Season

On the occasion of this weekend’s Kentucky Derby, LeNell Smothers, proprietress of the charmingly quirky LeNell’s liquor store, shares a mint-julep recipe.

Restaurant Openings

Week of May 7, 2007: Soto, Grom, and Vestry Wines.

Per Se, Per Calorie

How many calories of Big Macs is one meal at Per Se?

Real Estate

Why co-ops can make frustrating landlords.

Looking for a Fashion House

Hedi Slimane—whose ultraslim suits revived Dior Homme—is said to be on the lookout for a new home.

Fame Slept Here

It’s jumped on and off the market since 2005, with many different brokers, and the asking price keeps shifting, but the house that borax built still has no takers.

The Culture Pages

Are You There, God? It's Me, Hitchens.

Christopher Hitchens takes up arms against religion.

The Movie Review

An overburdened plotline drags down Spider-Man 3.

Trailer Mix: Summer Sequel Edition

Our reviews of this week’s previews.

The Theater Review

Daringly, Frank Langella plays Nixon as a guy you might actually vote for.

An Afternoon in Chelsea

A stroll through Chelsea in the company of gallerists.

The Book Review

Michael Chabon’s detective novel is a prose triumph.

Riot in Her Head: Jessica Valenti

Blogger Jessica Valenti's new book, Full Frontal Feminism, is an irreverent guide to why young women should embrace the F-word.

The TV Review

Only the most perverse of Dick Wolf’s literary children still holds interest.

‘American Idol’ Anonymous

Come on, New York. You know you watch it. So why won’t you admit it?

The Pop Music Review

An Elliott Smith release blessedly unmarked by signs of posthumous cashing-in.

Lap-Steeler: Megan Hickey

One day Megan Hickey had a vision and was soon teaching herself how to play a 60-year-old lap-steel guitar. Her band, the Last Town Chorus, was born.

The Approval Matrix: Week of May 7, 2007

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.

The Week

Viola Player

Through May 15, the James Cohan gallery offers a chance to see the video work of Bill Viola as he stages an avant-garde Tristan at Lincoln Center.

Speaking Volumes

Junior lit events open a new chapter.

Different Drummers

These concerts, featuring anything but run-of- the-mill instruments, highlight the vivid spectrum of sound outside the orchestra’s realm.

Say Cheese

Fromage fests for the lactose-tolerant.


Letters to the Editor

Readers sound off on virgins, Don Imus, and more.

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