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June 4, 2007 Issue

Cover Story

Cramer vs. Cramer

The author, a professional stock-picker, confronts his own attention-hogging public persona and finds it a baffling symptom of the public’s debased taste. Plus: The author confronts his own attention-hogging public persona and finds it a refreshing symptom of a new egalitarianism.


Fantasy Island

Governors Island is a vast, untapped reserve of bucolic scenery, skyline views, and other staples of urban stress relief. Presented here, for the first time, are the five visions battling for the right to turn that potential into triumphant urban-planning reality.

The Vandalism Vandal

An anonymous graffiti defacer stalks the Manhattan night. Is the Splasher motivated by envy, principle—or love?


GOP Spoiler for Gov’s Penthouse Quorum

Upstairs, Downstairs on CPS.

Strokes Guitarist Writes Too

Semi-authorized Bukowski.

Hamptons Hit With Clam Death

Possible clambake crisis.

Writer’s Block for ‘Da Vinci’ Dan?

Where’s Dan Brown’s follow-up to The Da Vinci Code? The further adventures of Robert Langdon were set to be published in 2006, then this year.

Cipriani Big’s Humvee Reflux

Banquet bon vivant Giuseppe Cipriani has turned over financial records to the Manhattan D.A.’s office as part of an investigation into his company’s income-tax filings, says his lawyer, Stanley Arkin.

It Happened Last Week

The arrival of Fleet Week’s giddy sailors on shore leave marked a summery spate of punch-drunk recklessness.

Penny-Pinching Peril

Nine years ago, the first Chinatown bus service revolutionized cheapo travel. But turf wars and safety problems—culminating in last week’s fatal crash—soon undermined the dream. A historical itinerary.

Not ’Worth It

The proposed penthouse at the top of the Woolworth Building was to be one of the most coveted living spaces in New York.

The Return of the Grand Tour

If you’re wondering where the city’s leisure-class art collectors are for the next couple of weeks, they’re in Europe going to parties and being expensively avant-garde.

Mellow Nello

Restaurateur: What’s the big deal with giving "Page Six" $1,000?


Throw the Books at Her

Hillary Clinton’s competence-based campaign has been stealthily making progress. But two bios put her persona back in the spotlight.


Best Bets

The iciest AC unit of them all and other refreshing buys.

Tested: PureOlogy Hydrate Shampoo

There’s no way to describe the effect of these products without descending into advertising hairspeak, but it’s true: My hair is softer, glossier, more manageable.

Shop News

New store openings this week.

Look Book

Parker Posey brings comfort to a dog-bite victim.

Restaurant Review

Top-notch spinach-and-béchamel lasagne and other artisanal successes at Insieme.

Insatiable Critic

With its new wardrobe of sunny Provençal prints and the magical vernal blooming of its sheltered garden, Provence at the age of twenty has never looked lovelier.

In Season

Pesky weed to some, seasonal delicacy to others, the jagged, bitter dandelion green is one of those Mediterranean peasant foods newly embraced for their health-giving properties.

Restaurant Openings

Week of June 4, 2007: Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, Lola, Le Barricou, and Trois Pommes Patisserie.

Real Estate

Recourse for victims of shoddy development.

Fame Slept Here

Living in America (on Third Avenue).

Buy, Rip, Repeat

Penthouse design with Chuck Close.


Literary Idol

Discussion of, and the engagement in, the unearthing of pleasantly surprising books, including a gimmicky showdown among the city's most promising up-and-comers, and a critic-compiled list of 60 criminally underrated novels, and more.

Art Review

Takashi Murakami’s glib exhibit at the Gagosian Gallery gets rebuked by … the other exhibit at the Gagosian Gallery.

Movie Review

Another deserving blockbuster from Judd Apatow.

New York Screen: Sundance in Brooklyn

Check out the second year of the Sundance Institute at BAM, May 31 to June 10.

Springtime for ‘Xanadu’

Can the famously nonsensical disco-movie flop make it on Broadway?

We Are in Xanadu

How do you survive the spectacular box-office failure of a film about a mythologically infested roller disco in Venice Beach? The lingering career effects of being involved in one of the best-loved bad movies ever.

The Approval Matrix: Week of June 4, 2007

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.


European Union

A pair of old-world cultural embassies show work from back home.

Spring Awakening

At the Children’s Music Festival, established musicians back up the prodigies.

Walk on the Wild Side

Small-scale chamber concerts allow the chance to dip a toe into the avant-garde.

All the City’s a Stage

Time to dig out the sunblock.

More Than Muppets

Highlights from St. Ann’s tenth annual Labapalooza!, a festival that showcases new puppet theater.

Beyond the Straight and Narrow

How to kick off Gay Pride Month.


Letters to the Editor

Reader response to the cancer issue.

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