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June 25, 2007 Issue

Cover Story

Steve Jobs in a Box

With a certain portable MP3 player on the verge of being buffeted by sea changes in the music industry, Steve Jobs is about to roll out a massively expensive product—the iPhone—in one of the world’s most competitive industries. Has the Lazarus of Apple, Inc. risen for the last time?


The Science of Gaydar

That homosexuality’s origins are biological is a theory that has become widely accepted in the scientific community. The shocking suggestion of many recent studies, though, is that looking and “acting” gay may be genetic traits as well.

The Long Con

An analysis of the way The Sopranos suckered its audience into sympathizing with sociopaths, materialists, and buffoons—and then smacked them over the head with their guilty pleasure in a manner unprecedented in television history.


The West Coast Office

A zhlub-dominated market has wreaked havoc on Hollywood’s old girls’ club.


Best Bets

Deals on old subway signage and other top-tier city memorabilia.

Shop News

New store openings this week.

Ask a Shop Clerk

Nach Waxman of Kitchen Arts & Letters.

Look Book

An aspiring Swedish actress with great affection for her homeland’s most famous megaboutique.


An extensive investigation into the world of food carts: one day in the life of an Egyptian-American welder turned hot-dog vendor, our critics’ list of the city’s twenty best street-level chefs (Queens is still the champ), and more.

Real Estate

Why having medical problems can depress your sale price.


Star power must mean little in the Hamptons, where Kathleen Turner is still looking for a buyer for her house.

Fame Slept Here

These buyers are always in Beene.


A Man Among Nannies

Holly Peterson missed out on some potentially great material by making her “manny” novel into yet another rich-Manhattanite exposé.

The Movie Review

The one flaw of an excellent film about the hunt for the kidnapped Daniel Pearl is, oddly, its inability to convey the terror he must have experienced.

NYScreen: Weird Is Good

Instead of programming yet another slate of quiet art-house dramas, the New York Asian Film Festival has become one of the city’s most exciting film events.

Portraying Pearl: Dan Futterman

Dan Futterman’s screenplay for Capote earned him an Academy Award nomination. Now he’s stepping into an adaptation of a potentially more charged real-life character as Daniel Pearl in A Mighty Heart.

The Theater Review

A Patty Griffin musical is uneven but points toward a brighter future for the genre.

Our Regards to Broadway

What Jane Krakowski, Tommy Tune, and others were thinking before, during, and after the Tonys.

The Approval Matrix: Week of June 25, 2007

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.

The Week

A Perfect Day for Bananafish

Who says artists are inspired purely by the visual? These shows all draw on heavy-duty literature.


Playing pirate at the Seaport.

Dock Party

As the humidity grows oppressive, offshore shows sound cooler and cooler.

Summer Preview, Part One

Who says nothing opens between Memorial Day and Labor Day? Here’s where you’ll be eating next in Manhattan.

Summer Dining Preview, Brooklyn Edition

Brooklyn’s newest spots in which to eat, drink, and be happily city-bound.



Readers sound off on West Point, the look book, and more.

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