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August 13, 2007 Issue

Cover Story

The Near-Fame Experience

Bravo shows like Project Runway and Top Chef are supposed to elevate the reality genre by putting a spotlight on those who actually deserve it. But the programs’ alumni say that meritocratic ideal is just another televised illusion.


The Resurrection of Don Imus

How the ghost of Lenny Bruce strong-armed Les Moonves and CBS on behalf of America’s most infamous ex–radio host.

The Deliverymen’s Uprising

Reckless drivers, bad weather, unconscionable tippers: For New York’s takeout-delivery fleet, some problems are intractable. The radical bicyclists currently striking and filing lawsuits hope that criminal exploitation by employers isn’t one of them.


Can the Fonz Make Everything Cool?

Tries to get Spitzer and Bruno to get along again. Ayyyy!

Tan, Trim & Rehabbed Marc Mark II

Doesn’t blame ex-boyfriend.

Rudy Not Afraid of Snowman

YouTubers, NYers similar.

Don’t Come On Down, Donny Osmond!

Wrong for Price Is Right.

44 No More: Lure Guy Lands It

Nineties time capsule gutted.

It Happened Last Week

Citizens left the city in droves as August began, apparently fleeing the cloud of uncertainty that seemed to have settled over the city.

Cuomo Sapiens

Not so long ago, it all looked over for Andrew Cuomo. The evolution of a comeback.

Heard on the Street

A speculative guide to whose stock is up and whose is down at a Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal.

All Fall Down?

The perils of our bridge-knit metropolis.


The National Interest

Why does Hillary, seemingly the most stoic Democratic candidate, have the most personally devoted staff?


Best Bets

A stoutly starchy dress and other hot buys for hot days.

Tested: Bodum Canteen Glass

Noting a triumph of beverage engineering.

Shop News

San Francisco–based surf shop Mollusk has washed up on Metropolitan Avenue, at River Street, in Williamsburg.

Look Book

An avowedly bald receptionist.

Restaurant Review

The East Village’s latest Cuban joint gets the food and the charm.

In Season

Slice raw artichokes and toss with lemon, olive oil, and plenty of Parmigiano-Reggiano, as in this recipe from Morandi chef Jody Williams.

Insatiable Critic

It wouldn’t be disappointing if Oceana’s newest chef, Ben Pollinger, were a recognizable disciple of his mentor, the driven and passionate Christian Delouvrier.

Restaurant Openings

Week of August 13, 2007: Caminito and Il Torchio.

Innovation: May I Borrow the Code to the Men’s Room, Please?

Posting a sign that says RESTROOMS FOR CUSTOMERS ONLY might get the point across, but it’s not the most subtle method of communication.

No, Just Me

Jenni Ferrari-Adler submitted herself to a self-conscious New Yorker’s nightmare: a week of tables for one in some of the city’s most bustling restaurants.

Real Estate

Worst. Rental market. Ever.

House of Seagram Heir Sells House

Word is he’s found a buyer willing to pay more than $50 million for his Upper East Side townhouse, and Warner Music CEO and Seagram scion Edgar Bronfman Jr. has already found a new home.

Fame Slept Here

The Access Hollywood apartment.

Ten Little Cities

City guides for all city dwellers, from hedonists to cheapskates to 8-year-olds.


Awkward Phase

Michael Cera brings the comedy of dry wit and vacant staring back to the multiplex.

The Movie Review

Matt Damon is thrilling but soulless as Jason Bourne; considering the worldviews of the late Ingmar Bergman and Michelangelo Antonioni.

A Viral Victim on the Undulating Curve of Shifting Expectations!

There’s already a backlash against the J.J. Abrams–produced horror film, Monstrous, which is weird, because not only has the movie not yet come out, but it’s currently still filming on the streets of New York.

Dirty Mind: Julie Delpy

With the title 2 Days in Paris, Julie Delpy’s film sounds like another lovely romance. Instead, it’s an acerbic, often-crude comedy that’s so harsh on France, senators may toast it with freedom fries.

The TV Review

Why does Hollywood think that artistic corruption occurs only in Hollywood?

Royal Flush

The city’s most spectacular new building is a sewage-treatment plant.

The Book Review

J. K. Rowling knew what her franchise needed—but she didn’t have the courage to do it.

The Incomplete Sayings of Albus Dumbledore

In Deathly Hallows, J.K. Rowling enacts her late-breaking cop-out via a very long, wise talk between Harry and Dumbledore, whose wisdom has always been a wee bit fortune-cookieish.

SimCity ’07

William Gibson comes out of cyberspace and starts scanning Union Square.

The Approval Matrix

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.

The Week

Summer Must-Sees

Two fantastic reasons to visit the Chelsea Art Museum (besides air-conditioning and the lack of crowds in summer, that is).

It’s Just a Stage

Fringe Festival, preteen division.

Continental Drift

Both of the city’s big summer festivals head to Africa for the evening.

Toe Hold

New places to eat and drink on 8th Street’s formerly footwear-fetishizing block.

Little Italy West

If you’re heading to the West Village for dinner, think Italian.


August means the Fringe Festival—this time with more than 200 shows debuting all over downtown. Here, five of the most promising.


Comments: August 13, 2007

Readers sound off on Fred Thompson, cheap eats, and more.

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