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September 17, 2007 Issue

Cover Story

My Empire of Dirt

In the spring, one Brooklynite took the “locally grown” spirit to the extreme by building a farm in his yard and vowing to eventually spend a month eating only what he’d raised himself. There have been frustrating lows (a severed finger, a crop-destroying storm, a cannibal rabbit) and rewarding highs (weight loss, the feeling of handy self-sufficiency). But will there be edible food?


Rupe’s Attack Dog Gets Bitten, Keeps Barking

Hard-charging editor-in-chief Col Allan spent the last year at the center of one embarrassing Post incident after another. But he remains the undaunted master of the tabloid art, and he can still drink you under the table.

The Girl in the 9/11 Bubble

How Emma Rathkey, the teenage daughter of a man who perished in the Twin Towers, finally found solace in the company of those who’d suffered the same loss.


‘Giving’ (and Also Getting)

Bill Clinton says invest in ethanol, and he might make money if you do.

How Kimora Got Her Groove Back

Current flame Djimon Hounsou a good fit.

Still a Hard-Knock Life for LL Cool J

But seeks peace with Jay-Z.

No Safe Harbor for Sag’s Shops

Land grab brings worries.

It Only Looks Like a Jungle Gym

Don’t hang on the art, please.

It Happened Last Fortnight

As a cabbie strike made it easier to flag down a school bus than a yellow taxi last week, the Big Apple did its best to keep moving forward.

Mogul Dick Parsons Likes Cigars, Believes in Terroir

But please don’t complain to him about your cable service.

Head Case

The mystery of the very well-timed sale of Damien Hirst’s $100 million skull.

Don’t Strip So Close to Me

Getting to the bottom of Sting and David Bowie’s problems opening a burlesque club in Nolita.

Libeskind Alive! (At Least in SoCal)

Where the original Freedom Tower was actually built, plastic brick by brick.


The Imperial City

The Democrats’ chance to become the party for grown-ups.


Best Bets

Quilting and other tasteful hobbies.

Shop News

New store openings this week.

Ask a Shop Clerk

Alexis Bittar, 465 Broome St., nr. Greene St.; 212-625-8340

Look Book

A lanky playwright.

Restaurant Review

One of the best Italian restaurants around—and one of the trendiest.

In Season

True, a perfectly ripe heirloom tomato needs no further embellishment than some extra-virgin olive oil and sea salt. But with the lumpy love apples overflowing their Greenmarket stands, a little variety can’t hurt.

Insatiable Critic

Accademia di Vino could be just what the neighborhood was waiting for: a comfy, laid-back spot to order a few $4 antipasti, a seriously al dente pasta to share, and wine by the glass.

Restaurant Openings

Week of September 17, 2007: Papa Lima Sandwich, Pamplona, and Kingswood.

Great House

Finishing a Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece.

Real Estate

Hurricane paranoia hits the insurance industry.

‘Fantastic Four’ Star Transforms Her Plans

Jessica Alba has been spotted apartment-hunting in Chelsea, most recently in the new condos at 246 West 17th Street.

Triple Assessment

For the privilege of living in a cast- iron loft building in Tribeca, you’d usually have to pay seven figures. That is, unless you can find a miniaturized version of the dream.


MisShapes’s After-Party

A global nightlife brand tries to grow up.

The Movie Review

Try as he might, Paul Haggis can’t mess up an Iraq-war detective story.

In a Festive Mood on the Undulating Curve of Shifting Expectations!

Nothing signals the start of high-culture season like the onslaught of fall film festivals: Telluride, Venice, Toronto, oh my!

Righteous Dude: Terrence Howard

Oscar nomination in tow, Terrence Howard has set off into the world of practically color-blind casting.

The Art Review

MoMA demonstrates why painting isn’t dead, and never was.


More shows to see in their final days.

The TV Review

A cop show in post-Katrina New Orleans? K-Ville is up to the challenge.

Most Honorable Son

Meet Ben Kuroki, now 90 years old. A Nebraska-born Nisei, he volunteered for the Army after Pearl Harbor.


In a convenient rift in the space-time continuum, Captain Jack’s supersecret “Torchwood” team of young scientist-investigators use scavenged alien technology.


HBO’s great show about bad sex.

The Theater Review

Charles Mee adroitly brings political relevance to a Greek tragedy, again.

‘Spring’ Allergy: Jonathan Franzen

Why Jonathan Franzen wrote his own Spring Awakening.

The Week

Don’t Let the Author Get Away!

A Mo Willems audience.

Liquid Diet

Three new places at Chelsea Market (75 Ninth Ave., nr. 16th St.) in which to sip, slurp, or, perhaps, raise a pinkie.

Making Marty Proud

Three events worth arriving early for at the Brooklyn Book Festival this Sunday.

The Joys of Togetherness

Who says group shows are just for summer?

Behind the Music

A pair of performances with preshow lectures that are anything but pedantic.

Drama in Dumbo

Our picks from the fall lineup at St. Ann’s Warehouse.


Comments: September 17, 2007

Readers sound off on Matt Drudge, Lance Bass, and more.

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