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October 22, 2007 Issue

Cover Story

Everybody Sucks

The innocuous downtown offices of Gawker Media are the worldwide headquarters for the lucrative trade in ad hominem Internet biliousness. Who are these people, and why are they so mad?


When They Were Young

Twenty and forty years ago, respectively, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were both prominent figures on campuses in turmoil. Their reactions to those crises shaped their political mind-sets—and foreshadowed the contrast presented to voters in this campaign.

Revolution in Tights

Massively talented choreographer Christopher Wheeldon launches an ambitious ballet company in the face of his own generation’s massive indifference to the art.


Super Cooper Not Totally Fearless

Surprisingly unnerved by flying insects.

Margaritaville Bill for Mayor

And the race begins.

‘Newsday’ Warily Eyes Its Prize

Pulitzer accuracy test.

Will Oklahoma Okay An Ex-NY-er?

Back in Manhattan for cash.

Heller’s House Sees Second Price Cut

They’ll make it up in volume.

It Happened Last Week

A noose dangling from the door of an African-American Columbia professor’s office was the only thing that kept Yankees manager Joe Torre off the front pages this week.

197 Minutes With the Vox Populi of the Upper East Side

Don’t throw their trash in their backyard.

Crayon Alert Level

Can a coloring book teach tolerance, or will it just blow up in its authors’ faces?

Say It Ain’t So, George

Joe Torre wasn’t summarily sacked, because The Boss’s whims no longer run the Bronx.

Shear Madness

Is your straight hair making your stylist sick?


Business Class

How Citigroup honcho Chuck Prince keeps his job.


Best Bets

A tiny hair dryer and other carry-on-friendly travel items.

Store Openings

Annie Goodman’s taken over a ground-level store below her space, and Annie & Company is now 3,000 square feet of handwork bliss.

Ask a Shop Clerk

Other Music, 15 E. 4th St., nr. Lafayette St.; 212-477-8150

Look Book

An aspiring designer fresh from Europe’s finest institutions of learning.

Restaurant Review

Rating two bold attempts at unorthodox Japanese.

In Season

To anyone bred on Thompson green seedless, the local grape varieties are a revelation: tart and sweet, musky and almost overpoweringly fragrant.

Insatiable Critic

Pamplona is chef-owner Alex Ureña’s bow to reality.

Restaurant Openings

Week of October 22, 2007: 18 Avenue B, Bocca di Bacco, and Back Forty.

The Oven of His Dreams

The annotated pizza oven.

Real Estate

What happens when buyers turn nomadic.


Cue the paparazzi: Jessica Simpson is apparently apartment-hunting in town.

Triple Assessment

Three brokers assess 305 West 86th Street, Apartment 4C.

Winter Travel

Forty-four destinations, for all types of escape-seekers, in our annual get-outta-town special.


Playing in Traffic

Sufjan Stevens, the first indie star ever commissioned to write a symphony about the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

Movie Review

A Meryl Streep political thriller (Rendition) demonstrates one of Hollywood’s two sharply different approaches to torture.

On Deck: October DVDs

New on DVD this October: No End in Sight, A Mighty Heart, and more.

Speech Therapists: Jefferson Mays and Boyd Gaines

Discussing Pygmalion with its stars who aren’t named Claire Danes.

Long Story Short

How a Robert De Niro film made it to the stage.

Is This Book Worth Getting?

New nonfiction from Oliver Sacks and others.

Sliding Doors

Identical twins tell a shocking story of adoption gone awry—and how two strangers became sisters.

The TV Review

How successful is Hugh Jackman’s prime-time musical?

The Art Review

The return of Chris Ofili, the elephant-crap guy.

Anticipation Index

A mathematical breakdown of why we’re excited about Martin Puryear.

Not Just Friends: The Fiery Furnaces

How the Fiery Furnaces were forged.

The Classical Music Review

The city’s most earth-shaking organist.

The Approval Matrix: Week of October 22, 2007

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.

The Week

Rembrandt’s Children

Two promising contemporary Dutch artists make their local solo debuts, just in time to honor their forebear at the Met.

Casting Call

Family fishing at Wagner Park.

Bring in the New

Accessible concerts that offer entrée to the contemporary canon.

Clothing Optional

If you’re looking to explore a new scene, skip the madness of CMJ in favor of a bawdy burlesque show.

Euro Be Damned

When it comes to white-truffle season, nothing as trivial as a bad exchange rate can stop true addicts.

Extended Hours

Fine-dining chefs unwind (slightly) with new lunch and Sunday-supper service.


Comments: October 22, 2007

Readers sound off on Norman Mailer, Po Bronson's story on sleep, and more.

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