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February 4, 2008 Issue

Cover Story

The Test

Hillary and Barack agree almost completely about what needs to be done, but they couldn't feel more differently about how to do it. Which makes this campaign an oddly clarifying contest between realist and romantic worldviews. So, then, what does your vote for either of them say about you?


Bloomberg’s Enabler

Can a Republican turned independent mayor of New York be elected president? The mayor himself isn’t sure. But Kevin Sheekey is.


Goofy, inscrutable Eli Manning lacks the intensity of Phil Simms, the glamour of Joe Namath, and any apparent interest in playing the hero. But he’s all we’ve got.

The Happy Hickster

Clay Aiken sounds like Tootsie, looks like Opie, and hates to go out after dark. How will he ever survive New York?


What’s Marty’s Next Big Party?

Brooklyn showman wants to be mayor—right? Oy vey, mon.

Hilton Hits the Slopes at Sundance

Paris is learning.

Some Smell a Rattner in ‘Times’ Hill Nod

Pinched at the gym?

No Thinking Allowed at ‘Daily Show’

WGA-strike loophole.

Diners Dash With Family Photos

Granny—to go!

It Happened Last Week

New Yorkers enjoyed a three-day weekend thanks to Martin Luther King Jr., but the first day back at work was even worse than usual.

Among Us

If Heath and Michelle’s life in Brooklyn seemed like a wonderful dream, it was ours, not theirs.

Saved by the Cabal!

Paging the president’s shadowy Plunge Protection Team.

Cash of the Titans

You can’t lose a fortune unless you have it in the first place.

Who Loves NY?

The rest of the world, we hope.


Anatomy of a Freak Show

(Romney + Huckabee)/3 + .01 McCain + √Giuliani = Bush. And some other things we’ve learned about this long, strange race.

The Phony Stimulus

The Bush economic plan is a $150 billion debacle. Here's a cheaper, more effective, and longer-lasting alternative.


Chocolate Cures Everything

It may not stabilize the economy, but it’s an indulgent, affordable mood elevator.

To the Hunter Go the Spoils

Why is it worth renting a car and driving to a hunting megastore in Connecticut? Bison burgers, taxidermy overload, and a lot of cool cheap stuff.

The Look Book

"I think that dark things that scare people have a lot of beauty to them."

This Is How We Roll

It’s a post-Bugaboo world of status strollers more design-obsessed and hyperfunctional than an iPhone. But are they good? We put nine through the wringer.

The Restaurant Review

Bar Blanc is the latest watering hole with restaurant-caliber cooking.

In Season

Super Bowl Sunday is no time to get creative in the kitchen.

Insatiable Critic

Fatty Crab’s hustling impresario Zak Pelaccio is still fine-tuning his Pan-Asian riff at Chop Suey.

Restaurant Openings

Week of February 4, 2008: Bridge Vineyards Tasting Room.

Risotto Rage

In the West Village, a chef refuses to stir the pot.

Righteous Nibbles

Food artisans think global, cook local.

Trendlet: Hopped Up

They’re not about to displace the pig as New York’s culinary mascot, but suddenly rabbits are everywhere.

Initial Tremors

Those overseas buyers who’ve been driving the New York condo market are starting to slam on the brakes.


The Winner

Those who thought the writers’ strike would bring down Leno misunderstood the power of his limitations.

The Movie Review

Sylvester Stallone returns with a bang.

Best-Director Death Match

Everyone’s favorite art star–auteur–bearded madman Julian Schnabel got his first Schnomination for the Best Director Oscar this week.

The Theater Review

David Mamet’s November spins the White House for laffs. Plus: Richard Foreman, in all his weird glory.


Director Kathleen Turner and actress Sarah Paulson, in conversation.

The Pop Review

The gloomy songstress Chan Marshall is out of step with the times, but not with her devoted fans.

Elements of Pop

Seven new albums, each scored on how well you can sing to it, dance to it, marvel at it, mope to it, and just plain crank it up.

The Art Review

The gallery gold rush has allowed artists who’ve spent decades on the fringes to grab at the prize.

The Gist: Why Fauvism Is the Art World’s New Impressionism

Impressionist and modern art are booming alongside contemporary art.

The TV Review

HBO’s In Treatment prescribes the talking cure five days a week.

The Other Campaign

The election promises not just a chance to reboot the country—it could also unseat the reigning kings of political correspondence.

The Next Next Wave

In small new-music venues, failure is an option—and a route to success.

The Approval Matrix: Week of February 4, 2008

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.


Arctic Monkeying

The science of snow, for tots.


Comments: February 4, 2008

Readers sound off on Britney Spears, Dunkin' Donuts coffee, and more.

Artifact: How to Influence People

Findings from the streets, files, and hard drives of New York.

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