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February 11, 2008 Issue

Cover Story

The Boom Is Bust

A hard look at the last recession to find clues about just how long and deep this one’s going to be.
The Upside of the Downside

The Everything Guide to Belt-Tightening


Roger & Him

Brian McNamee is an upstanding citizen (or a man with a shady past) who was best friends with Roger Clemens (or just worked for him) and who designed a famous training regimen for the all-star pitcher (or took credit for it) and injected him with steroids (or vitamins). Is baseball’s unreliable witness actually telling the truth?

Alternative Reality TV

TV fans, rejoice! Network writers take their (imaginary) pens to rival programs, and your orphaned, prematurely canceled shows have season finales after all.


Campaign Funding Is Too Rich for Mike

2009 races could cost cash-strapped city $90 million.

Side Effect of ‘Times’ Tuna Exposé

Medical mercury leaching.

The Palest Endorsement

MisShapes vote splits.

Paper Pans Racy Off B’way Ad


She’s Had the Strike of Her Life

Baranski’s basking.

Getting Ready for Action

The city was already bracing itself for the Super-Duper Tuesday demolition derby of doom.

President Rudy, R.I.P.

It’s about time that scary dream was put to rest. But there are ways in which he will be missed.

Bronx Clear

How a courthouse polices us through the glass.

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

A tale of two Democratic dynasties.


The Evita Factor

The Clinton campaign has long known that Hispanics are the key to Super-Duper Tuesday—and November.


DIY Romance

Roses, chocolate, satin? Nice, but not original. This year, try a magic trick.

Downward Drooping Cheeks

Can facial yoga rejuvenate aging jowls?

The Look Book

"I try to go for a theme most days. Like I’ll be a pilot or an animal."

The Restaurant Review

Dovetail is chef John Fraser’s breakout restaurant and a rare Upper West Side find.

In Season

In Austria, vendors hawk hot wine on the sidewalk like pretzels.

Insatiable Critic

The reconstituted 2nd Avenue Deli on a quiet side street is a bittersweet triumph.

Restaurant Openings

Week of February 11, 2008: Bar Tano and Merkato 55.

Diner’s Dictionary: “Tasting Table”

The new hot seat is a “tasting table,” the latest phrase to hit a press release.


We sought out New York’s most mesmerizing fireplaces.

Miele vs. Madonna

Posh amenities are nice and all, but a celebrity walk-through can really boost the sale price.


Have You Heard This Man?

Record stores ignored him. MySpace didn’t exist. But Gordon Thomas went viral anyway.

The Movie Review

Tragic. Comic. Martin McDonagh’s In Bruges can’t make up its mind.

On Deck: February DVDs

New DVDs: State of Play, Terror’s Advocate, Gone Baby Gone, and more.

The Theater Review

Our country, great and ghastly: Little Sheba comes back, and Jerry Springer plays Carnegie Hall.

The Classical Music Review

In a tough soprano role, Karita Mattila is a near miss.

Does Candace Bushnell’s ‘Jungle’ Score With Real Power Women?

Lipstick Jungle is Candace Bushnell’s new take on the plight of powerful Manhattan career gals.

The Book Review

Is a novel about werewolves/written in verse/necessarily cursed?

O’Flanngelists, Rejoice!

Everyman’s is savior.

Ink-Stained Kvetch: Jimmy Breslin

As the old columnists die out, Jimmy Breslin keeps pressing on.

The Art Review

When Guy Ben-Ner goes to Ikea, he’s not there for the meatballs.

The Approval Matrix: Week of February 11, 2008

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.


Faux Snow

Central Park goes Canadian.


Comments: February 11, 2008

Readers sound off on Clay Aiken, the election, and more.

Artifact: Behind “Under the Sea”

Findings from the streets, files, and hard drives of New York.

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