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February 25, 2008 Issue

Cover Story

Lindsay Lohan as Marilyn Monroe in "The Last Sitting"

In 1962, photographer Bert Stern shot a series of photos of Marilyn Monroe that have collectively come to be known as “The Last Sitting.” Forty-six years later, Stern has revisited his classic shots with Lindsay Lohan, another actress whose prodigious fame is not quite commensurate with her professional achievements.

Spring Fashion

The Technicolor Season

Why is it worth organizing our Spring Fashion issue around the seemingly very basic idea of color?

Just a Dash

Dandies, both of them: our cover model, André Benjamin, and Sir Paul Smith, our profile subject.

One Is the Loveliest Color

Commitment? Art project? OCD? Five New Yorkers who wear only one color all day, every day (and it’s not black).

The Anti-Anna

French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld is full of respect for the editors on the other side of the Atlantic. But all that money and success are so . . . American.

All I Want Is Foundation That Matches

Too light. Too red. Nothing at all. Playing at the beauty counter is depressing when your skin color is out of the range.

A Shiny New Gucci

Is luxury really impervious to a nervous market? Gucci’s mammoth new midtown store assumes the appetite for designer goods is undiminished.

The Dandy’s Progress

André Benjamin has already nailed a few careers (musician, actor), but what he’d really like to do is impress Beau Brummell with his new clothing line.

Green Socks, Pink Pants

In a world of muted men, designer Paul Smith’s mission is to cure the chromophobic.

Tripping Through the Garden

This spring, as long as it’s got petals it’s in season.


Nothing shy about these baubles.

Hot Little Numbers

These dresses don’t need a party. They are the party.

Float Like a Butterfly

...waft like a bee. Nature only wishes it could come up with breezes this beautiful.

Not Colors From Nature

Makeup artist Linda Mason has been a neon champion since the eighties.

Dress Descending a Staircase

For spring, artwork came off the walls and onto the human form.

Run, Jump, Leap, Fly

The kinetic male cast of Fuerzabruta dashes its way through spring’s color wheel.


Hanging out, eating, some lounging, and multiple outfit changes.


(Untitled Heath Ledger Project)

In which the protagonist dies mysteriously, and the audience analyzes his final days for clues to his real character.


Is Demography Destiny?

Only, as it turns out in this election, in three (more or less) hard-and-fast cases.

The Meme Prisoner

In the press, Hillary has been trapped by her own story, whereas Obama has been freed by his.


Vance’s Chance to Succeed Morgy?

Onetime deputy D.A. files to run for Big Bob’s job.

Post-Strike Jitters Grip ‘30 Rock’

They were Guild good!

Art Market in for Early-’90s-Style Bust?

Boone sees a boon.

Prêt-à-Portman’s Cruelty-Free Shoes

Save animals, not planet.

‘Persepolis’ Vote Goes to Obama

Or any Democrat, really.

Ricki’s Babies Destined For Fame!

But she isn’t pushing them.

Impotent ’Roid Rage

Why Rocket hearings didn’t take off.

Sliding Down-Hill

Who falls if Senator Clinton fails?

Scandal on Sneaker Row

Lower Broadway shoe-and-jeans crowd not surprised by shady-wage charges.

Dive Alive

How did Sophie’s survive?


Think of Them As Sprinkles

If this season's fashion intimidates, add color one bit at a time.

The Look Book

"It’s a matter of layering both color and texture. When you’ve been a cat for a long time, you know texture."

The Restaurant Review

Bar Boulud is a rare misstep in Daniel Boulud’s carefully curated empire.

In Season

California’s exotic citrus makes its way east when we most crave it, in the midst of midwinter doldrums.

Insatiable Critic

In no time at all we zoom over the Williamsburg Bridge to the charmingly rustic Fiore.

Restaurant Openings

Week of February 25, 2008: Olana and Elettaria.

The Frankensteak

Real, honest-to-goodness dry-aged beef doesn’t grow on trees.

The Rise of the Boutique Bottle Shop

Red and white are no longer the main considerations in New York wine shopping.

In the Shadow of No Towers

There are good reasons to live next to ground zero. But the neighborhood’s not for everyone.


Return of the Ingénue

k.d. lang plays coy about her own iconography.

The Art Review

“Jasper Johns: Gray” shows off an imagination that works in non-imaginative ways.

The Movie Review

Jumper and Be Kind Rewind dive headlong into our headspace.

The Undulating Curve Prepares Its Acceptance Speech!

Are there any underdogs left for us to love anymore?

Pop Mechanic

The closet-romantic street cinema of Ramin Bahrani.

The TV Review

Phylicia Rashad and Sean Combs do what it takes to leave Chicago’s South Side.

Put Me In, Coach!

Gaius Charles is in an unfamiliar position—benchwarmer.

The Approval Matrix: Week of February 25, 2008

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.


Big-Top Workout

Clowns and acrobats get kids moving.


Comments: February 25, 2008

Readers sound off on Chantix, Seth Tobias, and more.

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