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May 26, 2008 Issue

Cover Story

The Affairs of Men

The Spitzer-led deluge of cheatin’-hearted public figures inspires one man to ask frustrated husbands, sympathetic sex researchers, skeptical wives, and himself the timeless question: Is man really a monogamous animal?


The Russian-American Princess

What does a Moscow orange-juice king get for his 15-year-old who has everything? Her own fashion empire, named for herself—Kira!—with a new store in New York and 31 to come across America.

June 5, 1968: The Last Hours of RFK

Forty years after Robert F. Kennedy’s assassination, a writer looks back at the beginning and end of his friend’s tragic 1968 campaign.


The Presidential Portfolio

How to profit from the stock market no matter which candidate wins in November.


Craig Lists His Missed Connections

Wanted to meet Obama, dress down McCain.

Is There a Doctor in Soho House?

Not if the club can help it.

Kitsch Kitties Stolen by Unctuous Artist

Good-bye, copyright?

Katie Couric Is Ready for Rhyme Time

Poetess stretches her legs.

Would Hillary Get The Office?

Maybe she’s a Michael Scott.

Legalize Pot and Everything’s Groovy

Oh, Mama!

It Happened Last Week

Anchor Sue Simmons talked her way into the headlines last week, but foul language could be heard all around.

Myanmar From the 36th Floor

Frustration at the U.N.’s global-disaster-relief HQ.

Unsafe at Home

China, Myanmar can happen here.

Just How Tragic Is Bonnie Fuller?

All she wanted to be was a goddess.

Like Mike

Mike D’Antoni won’t make the Knicks win, not right away. And that’s okay.


In the Big-Box Shadows

West 18th Street makes for a very satisfying afternoon of indie-store shopping.

The Corner Store That Carries Everything

In 1989, Zvi Cohen to the Upper East Side to open a locksmith company.

Emma Bracy, NYU Student and SAT Tutor, and Kevin Khuong, Columbia Student and SAT Tutor

"They think of us as, like, weird Manhattan people."

The Restaurant Review

The golden age of hotel dining isn’t quite back at South Gate.

In Season

Before asparagus makes its celebrated appearance, the weather has to be just right.

When Cardamom Can Kill

Two friends with a litany of allergies cope with the fear of the unknown ingredient.

Cheaper by the Gallon

Where to find the lowest-price gas for weekend wanderings.

Inner Beauty Goes Only So Far

When a great apartment’s in a foul-looking building, be careful of the bargain.


That Connecticut Couple

Consider Mates of State’s new album a gift from suburbia.

The Book Review

A reexamination of Chris Farley’s tragically short career.

Dungeon Master: David Benioff

In 2001, David ­Benioff made a few nice Hollywood deals and signed a three-book package with Viking.

The Movie Review

A superbly tangled film about Turkey and Germany’s divided souls.

N.Y. Screen: The Muslim Closet

Making a documentary about gay and lesbian Muslims in twelve countries was not easy.

The Theater Review

The puzzling masterpiece that is Top Girls.

Is It Really Rose’s Turn This Year?

Only one Tony-award category sets off brawls: Leading Actress in a Musical.

The TV Review

In HBO’s Recount, the Austin Powers director turns to the state of electoral dysfunction.

Madam Secretary: Laura Dern

Amid the 2000 Florida recount, America was introduced to Katherine Harris.

American Inventor

Remembering Rauschenberg.

The Approval Matrix: Week of May 26, 2008

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.


The Zero-Commute Memorial Day

Urban Americana.


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