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July 14, 2008 Issue

Cover Story

Remembering Clay Felker

Clay Felker, who founded New York, died last week at 82. Among the first to recognize the bourgeois circus that the metropolis was becoming, he invented a new kind of magazine — and journalism — to chronicle it. Along the way, he launched the careers of a generation of literary superstars, became an early champion of the women’s movement, and, in a way, invented the yuppie (a mixed blessing, to be sure). His vision of New York as a tournament of ambition was so vivid it changed the way people looked at the city — and thus changed the city itself. Just days before Felker’s death, Tom Wolfe finished an essay about Clay for an upcoming New York anthology. We print it here (“A City Built of Clay”), joined by a succession of memories of Felker from Gloria Steinem, Milton Glaser, Richard Reeves, Felix Rohatyn, Gore Vidal, and others (“My God, What Trouble You Could Cause!”), plus a small piece narrated to his wife, Gail Sheehy, in his final days by Clay himself (“My New York”).
On the Cover: Clay Felker at the old New York office on East 32nd Street. Photograph by Cosmos Sarchiapone.


Whose Harlem Is It?

Willie Kathryn Suggs, the so-called Queen of Harlem Real Estate, has sent local housing prices soaring. She’s also touched off a heated debate: Should Harlem be preserved as an affordable haven for blacks? Or sold to the highest bidder?

Harvesting Yankee Stadium

Get ready for the biggest yard sale ever.



For New York’s founding editor, the city was like a giant novel waiting to be written, a pageant of ambition. And no one wrote it better than he did.


Grasso’s Pay Pal Regrets Nothing

Ken Langone wouldn’t change a thing.

Red Hooked on Swedish Commute

Hitching a ride on Ikea.

More Money, More NYPD Recruits

Also, lowered target.

Fear & Loathing for Tim Russert

Lapham speaks ill.

Fuzzy Days in the Hamptons

EHPD blues.

Ex-Gossip’s Lawsuit Lacks Appeal

At least for his lawyer.

It Happened Last Week

Word that A-Rod had been making late-night visits to ­Madonna’s home base hogged the spotlight from the week’s other odd couples.

Why We Need a Hero at Ground Zero

Forget a “traffic cop.” Bring in Philippe de Montebello.

Manuel’s Manual

The (likely temporary) Mets manager respects his forebears.

Beacon of Hope

Does Philippe Vergne have what it takes to keep Dia from being DOA?

Shochet Shocker

Brooklyn kosher-butchering empire hobbled by labor troubles.


That Flapping Sound Is Back

Jellies, flip-flops, and sandals for both genders.

The Look Book

"I think about clothes all the time. Like, literally all the time."

The Restaurant Review

Alain Ducasse’s Benoit takes the New York brasserie craze to new lows.

Restaurant Openings

Week of July 14, 2008: Lia’s Ices, Kurve, and Socarrat Paella Bar.

What a Grill Wants

Fourth of July cookouts bring on barbecue fatigue.

Hide This Ugly Thing

You need it. But you don’t have to see it.

Realty Television

Never mind the national housing slump: Real-estate TV is selling just fine.


Julie Hagerty Sounds Funny

The Airplane! star lands safely onstage.

The TV Review

From the folks who brought you The Wire, a Baghdad dystopia that’s bleaker than Baltimore.

The Slow Burn

MGMT was born into buzz. Then they figured out how to earn it.

The Movie Review

Life on an “Iraqi” stage set. Plus: Brendan Fraser, in 3-D.

Gore, Mishima, and Advertising

The DVD queue: Chop Shop, Mad Men, Shine a Light, and more.

The Book Review

The Greeks worshipped it; the Aztecs were a little more conflicted.

The Approval Matrix: Week of July 14, 2008

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.


Four Festival Freebies

Nothing says July more than free ­family-­friendly festivals (try to say that three times fast).

Miles of Aisles

On July 9, Manhattan gets its fifth Whole Foods.


Comments: Week of July 14, 2008

Readers sound off on Barack Obama, East Village punks, and more.

Artifact: How the Helmsley Dog Got Stiffed

Findings from the streets, files, and hard drives of New York.

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