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September 1, 2008 Issue

Cover Story

Fall Preview 2008

Complete cultural calendars, handy flowchart guides to planning your time, and …
Rachel Weisz, comedienne? … What Josh Brolin learned as George W. Bush … Peter Sarsgaard on sympathy for a devilish character … What keeps Stephen Sondheim going … Sober discussion about supernatural goo with J.J. AbramsToni Morrison’s new book is about slavery, but not race … Marlene Dumas at MoMA… No joke, Oasis and the Verve have aged gracefully… Penny Woolcock rethinks John Adams’s Oppenheimer opera.
On the Cover: Illustrations by Gluekit


Joe Vengeance

Joe Lieberman says he left the Democratic Party and is stumping for John McCain out of principle. Really?

Where the Urban Dream Life Is Going Cheap

What could possibly make someone want to leave New York and move to Buffalo?


Smoking Out the State Budget Crisis

Grocery man sues tribes over tax-free cigs.

‘Gossip’ Guy Hates Snotty Billboards

CW ads make him “feel bad.”

Natty Albert Hammond Sizes You Up

Is haberdashery it?

Wigstock Takes a Powder (Again)

Lady Bunny hops away.

The Chugalugability of Hope

DNC drinking games.

No Rezoning for Chinatown Protesters

Forget it, Jake.

One Moment in Time

Mayor Bloomberg gazed into his green crystal ball—where he saw wind-powered turbines atop skyscrapers and the Brooklyn Bridge.

Wonder Wonk Unmasked

How a sociology grad student’s anonymous blog tried to throw a lasso of truth around Bloomberg’s school-reform hype.

Conventional Wisdom

A political convention is like the prom for the pundits. Our pseudoscientific commentariat popularity contest.


The Hill-Bill Show

They could make the convention in Denver a nightmare for Obama—but here’s why they probably won’t.


Stephanie Schweitzer, Tour Guide

"...when you have a really fun tour, you know they walk away and really remember that experience..."

The Best Bet

The anticipation around Topshop’s first U.S. store is, safe to say, feverish.

The Expanding Store Universe

Browsers, take your marks: Fresh sources for dresses, jackets, chocolate, luggage, diamonds…

New Stuff From the Old Guard

A random mix of cheap, cool merchandise.

Quirk Sells

This fall, three retail giants try thinking indie.

Tiny Love

Enthusiasts of the small luxury building have quite the selection this season.

Dover Soul

Team Spotted Pig tries its hand at proper English fish cookery.

Prediction: A Very Fatty Fall

After a slew of far-flung consulting projects, Zakary Pelaccio returns to a smaller stage.

Where the Underground Gourmet Will Be Eating

Kefi gets bigger, Kampuchea goes takeout, and Saxelby Cheesemongers comes to the City Bakery.

David Bouley, Culinary Cartographer

Few chefs are as closely associated with a neighborhood as David Bouley is with Tribeca.

This Year’s Vintage

What does the determined restaurateur do when he wants to give a well-known, long-lived property a new identity?

Best of the Rest: Food

Shake Shack moves indoors, the Oak Room gets renovated, and Colin Alevras cooks Cuban (and brunch).


Fall Open House

Early September is a glorious time: open-house season!

Fast Food With an Eco-Conscience

The beef may be the only thing at the new Black Iron Burger Shop that isn’t locally grown or made.


Comments: Week of September 1, 2008

Readers sound off on the Olympics, Rafael Nadal, and more.

Artifact: The Nanny State

Findings from the streets, files, and hard drives of New York.

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