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September 22, 2008 Issue

Cover Story

The Man in the Bushes

With his glossy shots of Jackie O., Richard Burton, and the like, Ron Galella helped unleash beasts like TMZ. And it kind of grosses him out. By Emily Nussbaum
On the Cover: Jackie Onassis and Ron Galella. Photograph by Joy Smith/Ron Galella Ltd.


Morris and Udi: A Story of Unrequited Love

How a Five Towns macher brought down the prime minister of Israel.

The End

The book business as we know it will not be living happily ever after. With sales stagnating, CEO heads rolling, big-name authors playing musical chairs, and Amazon looming as the new boogeyman, publishing might have to look for its future outside the corporate world.


Bloomberg LP Has More Mom Trouble

Plus the Feds want to take Mike’s deposition.

Marc Jacobs Feels Good in a Skirt

Comme des pantalons.

Will Tinterow Go After Met Snub?

Museum Hot Jobs roundup!

‘30 Rock’ Snags Martin, Maybe Oprah

Wild and crazy guest stars.

Four Seasons Moves to Break Regency

Coffee, tea, or Niccolini?

Out of Stock at Village Foodie Fixture

Jefferson’s bare market.

It Happened Last Week

John McCain and Barack Obama temporarily stopped bickering and observed a moment of silence.

Bank on It

Why Lehman Brothers wasn’t too venerable to fail.

French Prez

Sarah Palin doesn’t translate.

The House That Ruth Didn’t Build

Why we shouldn’t mourn Yankee Stadium.


The Wal-Mart Frontier

“Wal-Mart moms” may be the key to this election. And a certain gun-toting governor in red shoes is selling them what they want.


Hot Coffee With Your Hot Air?

Whether you’re a real pundit or just an armchair one, a mug is the necessary accessory.

The Everything Guide to Fall Allergies

To help ease allergy sufferers’ pain, we sort out the causes, tests, and ever more confusing treatments.

The Look Book

“For me, this outfit, I just feel fresh and alive.”

The Underground Gourmet

Gorditas, quesadillas, and tiny tacos find a new home on Williamsburg’s South Side.

In Season

Heirloom tomatoes have such a monopoly these days that to traffic in good old Jersey beefsteaks requires a bit of salesmanship.

In Season, Part II: BLTs

For some, a bumper crop of late-summer tomatoes is just an excuse to eat more BLTs. Here’s where.

Insatiable Critic

This could be the best paella I can remember.

Restaurant Openings

Week of September 22, 2008: Char No. 4, Café Select, and Five Leaves.

Where the Water Buffalo Roam

Rome’s Obikà mozzarella bar makes a move to Manhattan.

Buying Domestic

It used to be that mozzarella di bufala and burrata had to be flown in overnight from Campania or Puglia.

Waging Class Warfare

How do you win over a neighborhood that hates your building? Try building a school.


The Jerk

Daily Show alum and Office star Ed Helms on the highs (and lows) of being obnoxious.

The Movie Review

Dakota Fanning’s revelatory turn in Hounddog; Keira Knightley’s most excellent duchess.

Seeing Ghosts: Ricky Gervais

Comedic superstar Ricky Gervais makes his big-screen debut with Ghost Town.

The Art Review

Is the apocalyptic art of “After Nature” a sign of a newfound earnestness?

Radical Speak

Performance artist Mark Tribe breathes new life into old politics.

The TV Review

Flesh eaters from J.J. Abrams and bloodsuckers from Alan Ball. Oh my.

The Kathie and Hoda Show

Kathie Lee Gifford's squawking presence on the Today show provides priceless daily cringe fodder.

School of Rock

Jonathan Lethem teams up with his fan-boy crush to create a new band.

The Architecture Review

A pair of showcase skyscrapers, ready to rise, give us a taste of the architectural delirium we crave.

The Approval Matrix: Week of September 22, 2008

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.


And Now We’re Going Live

Laurie Berkner at Lincoln Center.

Double Crown’s Inner Sanctum

Besides building restaurants, the design firm AvroKO owns a couple.


Comments: Week of September 22, 2008

Readers sound off on the housing market, Sarah Palin, and more.

Artifact: Why We Needed Title IX

Findings from the streets, files, and hard drives of New York.

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