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November 3, 2008 Issue

Cover Story

The Next New Deal

Preparing for a possible victory, Obama’s team has two role models in mind for his first year: FDR (positive) and Clinton (negative). By John Heilemann
On the Cover: Photograph by Nigel Parry/CPI Syndication.


The Peter Pans of Broadway

For three boys (and their mothers), Billy Elliot is the role of a lifetime. Provided they don’t grow out of it too fast.

The Knicks’ New Old Boy

More than 50 years ago, Donnie Walsh was a star guard in the Bronx. Now the blunt, jovial general manager is using his vast network in the city and the NBA to bring peace and—it is hoped—victories to a troubled team.


Nerdy Prank Shocks Stuy High

JV footballers sacked by fungicide in Gatorade.

Lindsay’s Dad Sorry for Sam Slam

Unchristian e-mail.

Glass-Apt. Maestro Sees Glut

Meier’d in new condos.

‘Nervous’ Art World Faces Reality

“Everything is negative.”

Hedge Funds and Heartache

Chest pains shoot up.

E.V. Indie Theater Rides Into the Sunset


It Happened Last Week

Temperatures, leaves, and the stock market all fell last week.

Funny Math

Improv as classroom-survival strategy.

Giving Credit

Former Spitzer crusader tries to save New York’s financial system.

The Conversations

As the crash reverberates through the suburbs, husbands and wives negotiate their new futures.

To the Barricades!

Bill de Blasio’s bid to lead the City Hall opposition.


Stimulus in Pinstripes

The Yankees see no choice but to spend their way out of their current predicament.


Into the Hood

It’s hot. It’s cold. The most stylish sweatshirts for this in-between season.

The Look Book

“Look Book” watched the last debate with the Young Republican Club.

The Restaurant Review

With another new chef in the kitchen, the food is better, but still inconsistent.

In Season

Even if you aren’t participating in the New York City Marathon, why not get into the spirit of the thing?

Insatiable Critic

Vai slipped quietly into its modest space on West 77th, quickly winning fans for its savory pizzettas.

Restaurant Openings

Week of November 3, 2008: The Oak Room, Rouge Tomate, and West Branch.

The 2008 Vintage

The new DIY wineries are pushing ahead, DTE (despite the economy).

Winter Travel 2008

The frugal traveler’s escape-the-crisis planner.

The Open-House Log: Special Credit-Crisis Edition

Apartment buyers don’t feel like they’ve gotten the upper hand—yet.


Tracy Jordan—er, Morgan

He plays a comic on 30 Rock and he is a comic, but the similarities end there. Sort of.

‘The Barack Obama Show’

What the presidential hopeful might do with his slice of prime-time network TV.

Desperate Measures

Returning dramas up the emotional ante in lieu of good ideas. Plus, Crusoe and Crash.

The Architecture Review

How TWA’s swoopy little eagle fits in its giant, generic JetBlue nest.

Frieze After the Freeze

At London’s big art fair, signs of financial trouble abound. But maybe that’s okay.

The Movie Review

Kristin Scott Thomas is gravely beguiling in I’ve Loved You So Long.

In Defense of ‘Saw V’

Why High School Musical 3: Senior Year just might be scarier than torture porn.

Is This Book Worth Getting?

A roundup of international literary superstars.

The Book Review

What Emily Post has in common with Rimbaud.

Mr. Misinformation: John Hodgman

Daily Show regular, Mac pitchman, movie star, John Hodgman is also a best-selling fake-memoirist.

The Classical Music Review

Period instruments put concertgoers in the world—not just the words—of Don Quixote.

The Approval Matrix: Week of November 3, 2008

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.


Small-Screen Flashback

This garden is still magical.

Noodles for Fall

Ippudo NY expands its offerings with a roster of new soup specials.

Bait and Swich

This Wednesday, Swich rolls back the prices of its sandwiches to 67 cents.


Comments: Week of November 3, 2008

Readers sound off on Nancy Spungen, Martha Stewart, and more.

Artifact: Nine Lives, Ten Obstacles

Findings from the streets, files, and hard drives of New York.

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