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December 15, 2008 Issue

Cover Story

The Year in Culture

A thorough summary of the last twelve months’ most distinguished efforts in the fields of film, theater, art, TV, architecture , books, pop, and classical. Plus: a look at the year’s worst work, a survey of the city’s cultural big shots, and a mega–Approval Matrix to catch everything that fell through the cracks.
On the Cover: Photograph by Brigitte Lacombe.


Gender Bender

More women are drinking, and the women who drink are drinking more, in some cases matching their male peers. This is the kind of equality nobody was fighting for.

The Catastrophe Capitalist

In the bleakest stock market of the past 70 years, when hedge funds and 401(k)s alike have cratered, few people are smiling. But short-seller Jim Chanos, whose fund is up 50 percent, is having the time of his life.


RFK Won’t Go to D.C., Says ‘Send Caroline’

He saw a Senate seat and explained why not.

Senator Nanny? Fran Wants It!

Appoint her, or she’ll run.

Brooklyn Bargains Move Indoors for Winter

Flea, fly, flow!

Mary-Kate Hits Miami!

Visits Lowe’s “meth lab.”

Ivy Leaguers in the Foxholes

ROTC back at Columbia?

No Soaring Bonuses for Legal Eagles

But no objection.

It Happened Last Week

Some New Yorkers still found reason to celebrate.

Oracles of Doom

They always knew the economy would collapse. What do they think will happen next?

Who Will Bail Out the Publishers?

How Random House is like General Motors.

Christmas Biohazard

What do conscientious parents do when even “organic” toys are revealed to be a bit toxic?

Recession Index

A numeric summary of our troubled times.

Car Talk

Stuck in traffic with a NASCAR star.


A Giant Among Coaches

Tom Coughlin is the toast of the NFL, but what is he doing that’s different from two seasons ago?


One Kitten Per Person

Kristen Schaal has some unforgettable ideas for her next holiday party.

The Look Book

We dropped in on this year’s Lebowski Fest to see what the Jesuses, nihilists, and Dudes had to say.

Getting Payback

Some phone time and a little paperwork can bring lost causes to sweet resolution.

The Underground Gourmet Review

A new Brooklyn restaurant puts an unlikely destination on the culinary map.

In Season

The strong flavor of mature ginger is most often associated with Christmastime gingerbread.

The Urban Forager

Some great new things to eat.

Caffeine Cluster

On the café-lined streets of the West Village, Starbucks is suddenly the underdog.

Restaurant Openings

Week of December 15, 2008: Kefi, Brookvin, and Bar Breton.

They Might Come If You Build It

But not till you do: Almost nobody’s buying from floor plans anymore.


Holiday Events for Kids

Holiday events for kids in New York City.

Let Them Eat Chicken Bones

The City Bakery’s newly launched “It’s a Bad Economy Beer Menu” runs from 4 to 8 p.m.


Comments: Week of December 15, 2008

Readers sound off on Dick Fuld, Quality Show Fatigue, and more.

Artifact: Scenes From a Coffee Shop

Findings from the streets, files, and hard drives of New York.

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