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September 14, 2009 Issue

Cover Story

The Long Night of Late Night

As Jay Leno moves to prime time, the game changes once again: Peter W. Kaplan asks how David Letterman became the talk show’s true star and the unlikely national dad for our era; Jason Gay interviews interviewers Dick Cavett and Jimmy Fallon on the ageless art of interviewing; and Adam Sternbergh explains how the future of late night is really in the daytime. Plus: An insomniac’s guide to the evolution of weeknights after 11:35.
On the Cover: Photograph by Robert Trachtenberg.


Last Home Standing

Jacqueline Tamaklo lives in one of New York’s most foreclosure-ridden neighborhoods. And now she’s fighting not to end up like the Joneses.

The Coy Exhibitionist

Jonathan Ames has made a career out of self-exposure. Or so he would like you to believe.


Madoff Sell-off

Bernie Madoff’s summer home went on sale via the Corcoran Group.

My Silver Palate

Sheila Lukins, Café des Artistes, and the colorful dawn of this gourmet age we live in.

Giant Mistake

Why replace the Meadowlands?

The Neighborhood News

Our roundup of news from around the city.

101-Year-Old Married Couple

What are the odds?

68 Minutes With Anna Wintour

The editor of Vogue is on a mission to save fashion. First stop: Queens.

Subbing for Paul Rudnick

Elyot Vionnet, an erudite, fastidious, semi-retired substitute teacher, has ventured out to Cake Shop.

Welcome Back, Kaiser

Tom Kaiser joined the Achievement First Endeavor charter school when it opened in 2006.


Obama’s Mule Team

To pass health care, he’ll need to find a way to harness that most stubborn of species: centrist senators.


Best Bets

A French concept store on Fifth Avenue, Orchard Street's new retail mix, and more.

The Look Book

“My parents wanted me to study medicine, but instead I went to Pratt.”

The Restaurant Review

Daniel Boulud’s first venture below 44th Street dishes up gourmet burgers, hot dogs, and beer.

In Season

The Romanesco zucchini is characterized by its distinctive ribs.

Closet Skirmish

She wants a leather jacket. Mom prefers a nice blazer. The wardrobe wars, in pictures.

Baby’s First Pictures

Documenting a bundle of joy, simplified by an expert.

For the Serious Shooter

Joseph O. Holmes on his favorite new toys and tools.

The Self-Employment Catch-22

For freelance workers, buying a house just got that much harder.


I Am My Own Wife

As a new generation discovers artist Genesis P-Orridge, he fulfills a quixotic long-term project: turning himself into his late spouse.

The Movie Review

Three new documentaries slam conspicuous consumption, oil companies, and greedy traders.

No Impact Woman: Michelle Conlin

The man of the documentary No Impact Man is Colin Beavan. But the star of the film is his wife.

Cracking Dan Brown

Reckoning with the author's page-turning empire.

The Book Review

The horrification of Jane Austen.

Phish Out of Water

Trey Anastasio trades jam-band superstardom for the New York Philharmonic.

Holy Roller: Caleb Followill

The itinerant childhood of Caleb, Nathan, and Jared Followill is straight out of Flannery O’Connor.


Southern Comfort

On September 14, New York’s fried-chicken frenzy infiltrates Tribeca.


Comments: Week of September 14, 2009

Readers sound off on Mayor Bloomberg, the meatpacking district, and more.

The Approval Matrix: Week of September 14, 2009

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.

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