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February 1, 2010 Issue

Cover Story

The Rise of Dog Identity Politics

As the canine becomes more elaborately anthropomorphized, his animal instincts bred out of him, the question of what a dog is has become more perplexing. And—when he is dying at the vet hospital, and his owner has to calculate how much it is worth to keep him alive—more gut-wrenching as well.
By John Homans
On the Cover: Photograph by Jill Greenberg.


The Lost Boys of Tryon

Inside New York’s most infamous juvenile prison, where troubled kids—abused and forgotten— learn to become troubled adults.

The Less Flamboyant One

Evan Lysacek may wear feathers, but he’s not Johnny Weir. Can his Olympic bid give male figure skating a more “mainstream” reputation?


The Fury Survey

What are you angriest about?

Mr. Cool Gets Hot

As president, Obama has walked the walk. But now, with his agenda endangered, he has to learn to talk the talk.

Learning From Bloomberg

Role model, and foil.

The Neighborhood News

Our roundup of news from around the city.

Bagging It

The tea party’s now in a big tent.

Haiti, Renewed

But how?

240 Minutes With Joshua Ferris

His first book was about the many ways in which the marketing Establishment tormented its cubicle slaves. The second shows that torment can just as easily come from within.

Role Play

Dancy and Whishaw, heterosexual British actors, sometimes hug.


Best Bets

A new Brooklyn park, retailers pitching in for Haiti, and more.

The Look Book

Ukrainian expat with braces Tetyana Pashchenko.

In the House of the Radiant Baby

When two designers realized their apartment used to be Keith Haring’s, they made him the inspiration.

The Restaurant Review

In spite of a few too many heart-stopping dishes, the Breslin Bar & Dining Room is worth the indulgence.

In Season

Shrimp Rolls from Luke's Lobster.

Restaurant Openings

Week of February 1, 2010: Bistro de la Gare.

The Way the Kale Chip Crumbles

An accidental snack-food success story.

Heat Wave

Hot drinks are having a heyday.

Trickle-Down Theory Works!

At least in one instance: Year-end bonuses gave the lower part of the luxury market a boost.


The Coco Insurrection

He lost his job and became a hero to the downtrodden.

The Theater Review

A powerful cast animates Arthur Miller's wooden Bridge.

An Almost Lurid Past

John Lithgow on playing a gossip columnist—and on his own close call with scandal.

“I’m Easy to Hate”

Kelly Cutrone spins fashionista ferocity into her own show and a book.

The Movie Review

Extraordinary Measures is a heaping and palatable dose of showbiz altruism.

The Book Review

Don DeLillo’s latest brings us as close to pure fictional stasis as we’re ever likely to get.

Conversation: Love by the Book

An author talks (and writes) about meeting and having a child with his actress dream girl.


My Son the Meat Smoker

Canadian expat Noah Bernamoff opens Boerum Hill deli Mile End.


Comments: Week of February 1, 2010

Readers sound off on John Edwards, Casey Johnson, and more.

The Approval Matrix: Week of February 1, 2010

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.

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