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September 27, 2010 Issue

Cover Story

Inventing Facebook

Is Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher’s movie about Internet prodigy Mark Zuckerberg a damning portrait of a man who stole the idea for his revolutionary company? Or is it a sympathetic look at ruthless ambition by two men remembering the days when they themselves were wunderkinder? By Mark Harris
On the Cover: The cast of The Social Network. Photographs by Jeff Minton for New York Magazine.


The Man Who Fell to Shore

Reid Stowe spent 1,152 days on the open sea, the longest continuous journey ever undertaken by one person. He came back to a brand-new family, but not exactly a hero’s welcome.

How to Govern a Divided Country

In an era of turmoil, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, then a Nixon adviser, wrote a series of letters and memos to the president on how to make the center hold. It’s still good advice.


“Mad As Hell”

Meet Carl Paladino, the Republican Party’s nominee for governor.

You Gonna Get Ready to Rumble?

Richard Blumenthal has yet to jump in the ring with Linda McMahon over her empire’s human toll.

The Happiness Workout

Advice from author and happiness guru Matthieu Ricard.

The Neighborhood News

Our roundup of news from around the city.

2007 Art in 2010

Jerry Saltz on getting the business and none of the art with Dan Colen's new show.

110 Minutes With Dan Donovan

The Republican running for attorney general does not want to be the sheriff of anything—certainly not Wall Street.

Ivana Lowell, Sober Guinness Heiress Raised by Poet, Says What Happened

“If you’re really going to write a memoir,” she says, “you have to really tell the truth.”


The Tea-Party Tempest

All this sound and fury signifies a lot of problems for Republicans like John Boehner and Mitt Romney.


Best Bets

Celebrating the ghetto blaster, a gathering for steampunks, and more.

The Look Book

"A lot of my friends retire, and they sit around and have lunch. I’d rather work."

The Anti-Clutch

This fall’s handbags are big, brawny, and, above all, practical.

Less Than $300,000? Here?

Yes, starter apartments have their trade-offs. But don’t rule out prime neighborhoods before you look.

The Restaurant Review

Nuela brings a taste of Peru, and other global influences, to New York.

In Season

Get out the Altoids, the Tic Tacs, and the Wrigley’s Spearmint: It’s hardneck-garlic season.

What an Urban Farmer Looks Like

A field guide to the city’s new breed of growers.


O Captain, Our Captain

Sir Patrick Stewart on coaxing Trekkies to try a little Shakespeare or, this time, Mamet.

The Funny Side of Love

The Office's star writer could be the future of romantic comedy.

Who’s Your Daddy?

James Wolk and Jason Ritter square off for best new leading man.

The TV Review

With Boardwalk Empire, HBO treads familiar if sumptuously realized ground.

The Movie Review

Gordon Gekko updates his portfolio. Plus: Waiting for “Superman” takes flight.

Beware the Undulating Curve of Shifting Expectations!

Congratulations, Jonathan Franzen: You’ve broken the Curve.


First Look Inside Lincoln’s Grass House

Come September 24, Lincoln Center’s sloping elevated lawn will draw more than picnickers.


Comments: Week of September 27, 2010

Readers sound off on Jon Stewart, Jerry Saltz, and more.

The Approval Matrix: Week of September 27, 2010

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.

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