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October 11, 2010 Issue

Cover Story

Chasing Fox

The loud, cartoonish blood sport that’s engorged MSNBC, exhausted CNN—and is making our body politic delirious.
By Gabriel Sherman

On the Cover: Illustration by Darrow.


“I Did It”

Why do people confess to crimes they didn’t commit?

Strangely Insecure for a Cool Guy

Mark Ronson always fretted that he was not as talented as his collaborators, couldn’t sing, and maybe just lacked the hit-maker gene. With his new album, has he proved himself wrong?


The Indestructible Roger Stone

The legendary political dirty trickster has rematerialized this election season.

Why Isn’t Cuomo Mad As Hell?

Andrew Cuomo spent years learning to control his inner fury, just when he could really use it.

Too Content to Vote

Will the Dems be hurt by Obamaphiles?

The Neighborhood News

Our roundup of news from around the city.

A Townhouse Full of High-Art Smut

Naked Koons returns.

Juliette Lewis, Smoothie-Loving Badass Scientologist, Was Briefly a Club Kid

“I was 21, and I was like, ‘I’m gonna live like a 21-year-old and have a social life.’"

128 Minutes With Josh Lucas

Stripping down to soccer shorts with the indie-film actor and burlesque entrepreneur.


The Flyover Election

The heartland is going GOP. And there’s no road to a second term that doesn’t lead through the Rust Belt.


Best Bets

A cubist-inspired suitcase, a “Burtonesque” carnival, and more.

The Look Book

"My dad doesn’t really want a pet. Dad, do you want a pet monkey?"

Come Here Often?

What happens at Lavo …

The Restaurant Review

Eataly brings the European-food-hall concept to the States.

Draft Picks

Tap wine takes off.

Restaurant Openings

Gabriel Stulman thinks top-notch food shops need to up their personal-service game.

Restaurant Openings

No one is more accustomed to tight squeezes than Jehangir Mehta.

Restaurant Openings

"Lowcountry” refers to a coastal region of South Carolina.

Nothing to Spit At

The classic wingtip makes an unstodgy comeback for both genders.

Your New Neighbor, Inc.

To hide their financial tracks, co-op shoppers are asking to buy under corporate cover.


Beautiful Boy

Sam Taylor-Wood on her “Crying Men,” her Lennon biopic, and having a baby with her much-younger star.

The Movie Review

The Social Network is a wallop of Red Bull, poured over ice.

Beastly Stories: David Sedaris

The writer, radio star, and amateur zoologist takes an artistic leap.

Knee-Deep in Bovary

Flaubert’s obsessive masterpiece finally gets the obsessive translation it deserves.

The TV Review

This fall’s crop is the worst in years.

Monster Mash

In this New York, immigrants really are aliens (and zombies and werewolves).

The Classical Music Review

The Met’s high-tech “Ring” debuts, with pivoting planks (and a couple of clanks).


First Look at Osteria Morini

Good news for Italian-food addicts looking for a place to go between Lincoln reservations.


Comments: Week of October 11, 2010

Readers sound off on David Tepper, Nick Denton, and more.

The Approval Matrix: Week of October 11, 2010

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.

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