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April 23, 2012 Issue

Cover Story

The Twee Party

Sure, it’s easy to mock the Brooklyn artisanal movement, with its scruffily bearded craftsmen, consciously sourced $9 chocolate bars, and breathless media hype (guilty as charged). But there’s a genuine—and undeniably delicious—business boom taking place, and it might be getting too big for its own beloved borough. By Benjamin Wallace
On the Cover: Inset portraits by Jonathan Nesteruk for New York Magazine. Product photos by Michelle Feffer. Needlepoint by Nadia Lachance.


In Conversation: Barney Frank

The soon-to-retire Massachusetts congressman looks back on his three decades in the House, recounting what it was like to come out to Tip O’Neill, how Newt Gingrich ruined Washington, and why Obama’s post-partisan dreams were delusions from the start. Interview by Jason Zengerle

Karma Crash

John Friend was the charismatic leader of a feel-good, all-American yoga empire, 600,000 strong and counting. Then his disciples woke up one morning to discover that their guru smoked pot, had sex with his students, and ran a Wiccan coven. “All my friends are gone,” he says. By Vanessa Grigoriadis


Where He Gets His Looks From

The influences that have shaped and reshaped Raf Simons’s design aesthetic.

Instantly Old

The retro mojo of Facebook’s shiny new toy.

Not-So-Lonesome Rangers

Patience pays for puck stars.

The Neighborhood News

Our roundup of news from around the city.

Of Dwarves and Mongs

What’s Ricky Gervais’s problem?

142 Minutes With Cat Marnell

Pill-popping with the enfant-terrible beauty blogger during a last night out before rehab.


The War War

According to the Romney campaign, the president has declared hostilities against just about everything Americans hold dear. And the Obamans are firing back. Duck.


Best Bets

A Camilla and Marc swimsuit, an Eva Solo grill, and more new stuff in New York stores.

The Look Book

“I want a willow tree and a magnolia tree in my yard. I want peace.”

The Restaurant Review

The sushi Establishment finds a new home in Neta.

In Season

Green shallots have a sweet, complex flavor and make a nifty substitute for spring onions.

Wine’s New Fine Print

Is listing ingredients on the bottle a sign of oenological transparency or TMI?

The Problem With Ramps

For locavores, April is the smelliest month.

Trendlet: No Shelling Required

Pistachios move out of the nut bowl and onto the menu.


The John Cusack Affair

Robbing the Getty Museum with Malibu’s most whimsical maniac.

The Movie Review

Important dogs and boyfriends go missing in Goodbye First Love and Darling Companion.

Countdown to a New Times Square

Could it become a place where New Yorkers actually want to hang out?

Extreme Makeunder

How the house in Clybourne Park ages 50 years in fifteen minutes.

Back From Normal

Two decades after My Girl, Anna Chlumsky returns with Veep.

The TV Review

Vice-President Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays petty politics in HBO’s Veep.


Lower East Sushi

At Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya, chefs Eric and Bruce Bromberg take a culinarily inclusive approach.


Comments: Week of April 23, 2012

Readers sound off on Ray Kelly, John Mack, and more.

The Approval Matrix: Week of April 23, 2012

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.

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