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February 18, 2013 Issue

Cover Story

The Spring Fashion Issue

Fashion is all about clothes, obviously, and this season, as we report, they are black and white (or red or iridescent) and mod (or fringed) and covered in lace (or ruffles or … snake) when they’re not showing off bellybuttons. But it’s also an industry bound up in personalities, without whom it would be moribund. And so, in this issue, we decided to zero in on a select cast of “fashion people.” Like Oscar de la Renta, the designer who just welcomed one of fashion’s most notorious personalities, John Galliano, back into the working world. Or lusty French editor Olivier Zahm. Or astrologist (yes, astrologist) Susan Miller. Or fresh young face Olivia Bee, who is, refreshingly, not a model but a photographer. Or actress Elle Fanning, another fresh young face, who could think of nothing more pleasurable than teaming up with artist Will Cotton and covering herself in rich, sugary goo, delicate meringue, and Dior-inspired sprinkles in a mouthwatering collaboration.
On the Cover: Elle Fanning in Vivienne Westwood–inspired Will Cotton headpiece. Photograph by Will Cotton for New York Magazine.

Spring Fashion

The Sweetest Thing

Icing cakes (after wearing them) with Hollywood’s best-dressed 14-year-old, Elle Fanning. By Vanessa Grigoriadis

“I Really Hate Nostalgia”

Talking John Galliano, First Ladies, and the past with Oscar de la Renta. By William Norwich

Bee’s Eyes

At 18, photographer Olivia Bee makes Ryan McGinley seem like he was a late bloomer. By Kurt Soller

Susan Miller Rising

How did one astrologer become the go-to guru for New York’s fashion set? By Molly Young

Blue and ‘Purple’

“Macho fashion editor” isn’t a contradiction in terms, as Parisian Olivier Zahm proves. By William Van Meter

Spring’s Big Trends

A breakdown of this spring’s styles, including its two signature colors in tiny patterns, bold shapes, and referee stripes. And then there are chunky heels, exposed bellies, ruffles, snakeskin, and a healthy corrective dose of red. By Amy Larocca and Rebecca Ramsey


The Life and Afterlife of Aaron Swartz

The precocious coder, hacker visionary, and “pirate” was already a tech legend by the time he’d turned 17. But in the weeks since his suicide last month, at 26, his friends and comrades have tried to turn him into something else—a martyr. By Wesley Yang

Why Can’t Beyoncé Have It All?

As her new documentary reminds us, pop’s reigning overachiever is at her best when she’s wrestling with that very identity. By Nitsuh Abebe


The Dollars-Per-Word Pay Decoder

What’s a word worth in the topsy-turvy economics of today’s content-providing business?

The Speech Obama Put on Repeat

Jon Favreau’s most enduring riffs.

“Secret Cinema” Skulks New York–Ward

Spoiler alert!

The Neighborhood News

Our roundup of news from around the city.

Slamming Barclays Center, With a Poem

The former Mos Def has artsy beef with the court of Jay-Z.

202 Minutes With the Bronfmans

Over dinner at Acme, the busiest, glitziest side of the clan explains how it came to be.


Best Bets

This Armani tote is crafted from 120 separate pieces by seven Italian artisans in a three-day process.

The Look Book

“I was wearing skinny jeans and had a hi-top fade before it was trendy.”

The Underground Gourmet Review

Salvation Taco takes delicious liberties.

In Season

Some of the best cold-weather eating involves heirloom beans.

Restaurant Opening

What to eat at Nightingale 9, bringing Vietnamese sandwiches and Hanoi-style turnovers to Carroll Gardens.

Restaurant Opening

Suba and Boqueria vet Yann de Rochefort opens Manzanilla in Flatiron.

A Beer for Boozehounds

Finally, an Italian-inspired, American-made stout that pairs well with a slice.

Heads on Plates

Chefs ask diners to face their food.


Jesse Eisenberg, Revised

The go-to Everynerd recasts himself as a playwright.

The Book Review

Kathryn Schulz on Amity Gaige's novel Schroder.

The Classical Music Review

At Carnegie Hall, two peeks into the slow-cooking—and often stymied—genius of Osvaldo Golijov.

The Movie Review

Beautiful Creatures has handsy teen witches but not much punch.


Egg and Cheese

Starting next weekend, Murray’s Cheese Bar launches brunch service.


Comments: Week of February 18, 2013

Readers sound off on Ed Koch, the Republican Party, and more.

The Approval Matrix: Week of February 18, 2013

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.

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