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October 21, 2013 Issue

Cover Story

Global Design 2013

A worldwide survey of youthful ambition and ingenuity, including a handmade bamboo mansion in Bali, a Dutch school that has now become a home, a London loft furnished with many found parts and on a budget of only “800 quid,” two Genoan brothers and their family’s showroom/palazzo crash pad, an Art Deco beauty in Mumbai that hadn’t been touched for 80 years, and the revival of the design collective. Plus: a luminous wooden lightbulb, a color-changing radiator, and more very imaginative products from the young set.
On the Cover: Ecology of Colour installation. Photograph courtesy of Nous Vous.


The Furies Never End

Amid the government shutdown, pundits have expressed great shock at the radical nature of these new “upstart” Republicans—even though their cause, tactics, and influence are as old as American history itself. By Frank Rich

Post Mortem

The New York Post loses perhaps $50 million a year and is down to a print circulation of 300,000. Rupert Murdoch, by contrast, has nearly 500,000 Twitter followers. Something’s got to give. But publisher Jesse Angelo feels confident he can save his brand—by reinventing it on the web. By Steve Fishman

Film School in Thirteen Posts

How to write, direct, shoot, and cast a feature film in lessons from Wes Anderson, Diablo Cody, Gravity cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, and more.


The State of Assange

He’s a cartoon. A megalomaniac. An irresistible Hollywood subject. And a crucial historical figure.

The Ordinary Strangeness of Alice Munro

Kathryn Schulz on the Nobel laureate’s ability to find big stories hidden in life’s smallest details.

154 Minutes With Graydon Carter

Morning coffee at home on Vanity Fair’s centennial.

The Neighborhood News

Our roundup of news from around the city.


Best Bets

Dewi van de Klomp’s soft cabinets, Rent the Runway opens at Henri Bendel, and more new stuff in stores.

The Look Book

“With great hair comes great responsibility. Also, it lets me get away with stuff.”

The Restaurant Review

Han Dynasty stays true to Sichuan cooking.

In Season

The Wayland's Robert Ceras uses husk cherries to make a satisfying and deceptively stiff cocktail.

Corpse Revivers

How new owners lovingly dusted off a historic Brooklyn watering hole.


Chiwetel Ejiofor Comes in From the Heat

You’ll remember his name after 12 Years a Slave.

Solo Voyage

All Is Lost’s Robert Redford doesn’t need co-stars, but he could use a towel.

The Trouble With Mega-Galleries

When artists sign with one of the four giants, something happens to their work—and it’s often not good.

Girl With Curious Hair

As the breakout star of Bad Jews, Tracee Chimo has a stage presence almost as big as her character’s ’do.

The Pop Music Review

Miley Cyrus re-declares her independence on Bangerz.

The Theater Review

A Night With Janis Joplin contains pearly performances of great songs. It’s a shame about the rest of the show.

The Movie Review

Robert Redford gives a career-best performance in All Is Lost.

To Do: October 18–25, 2013

25 things to see, hear, watch, and read.


Comments: Week of October 21, 2013

Readers sound off on Antonin Scalia, ethical parenting, and more.

The Approval Matrix: Week of October 21, 2013

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.

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