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January 6, 2014 Issue

Cover Story

Where to Eat 2014

The “anonymous” restaurant critic is a concept that’s long outlived its relevance, says Adam Platt—while exposing his identity on our cover. He’s also provided his annual list of the best places to indulge oneself, whether with high-art old-fashioned French or the not-so-humble taco. Plus: the best new chefs, and those trends that should go the way of the dodo. By Adam Platt
On the Cover: Adam Platt with blue shrimp (New Caledonia) sushi, prepared by Daisuke Nakazawa of Sushi Nakazawa. Photograph by Bobby Doherty/ New York Magazine.
Download the iPad edition for an exclusive video tour of the WTC site, bonus excerpts from the A-Rod e-mails and John Ridley's 12 Years a Slave script, a sample from Beyoncé’s Ghost video, an ice-skating lesson from pro skater Marni Halasa, and more.


The Dream of a Middle-Class New York

Bill de Blasio won his mayoralty by focusing on the city’s ever-widening divide between the super-wealthy and the epically struggling. But it’s the people in between whose lives might be improved fastest, by following a few (only moderately) radical proposals. By Benjamin Wallace-Wells

“Did Your Father Touch You?”

In 1997, an 8-year-old Chaneya Kelly reported that she had been raped by her father, Daryl Kelly, sending him to prison for up to 40 years. For the last sixteen years, she’s wanted more than anything to take that testimony back. By Jennifer Gonnerman


The Uber Hangover

That bar tab might not be the only thing you'll regret in the morning.

Out of the Dungeons

The tabletop role-playing game has inspired a generation of writers and filmmakers and is credited with giving birth to the modern video-game industry.

72 Minutes With Mark Penn

Breaking down campaign strategy with the former Clinton Svengali turned Microsoft attack dog.

The Neighborhood News

Our roundup of news from around the city.

The A-Rod E-Mails

The slugger and the suit: a baseball bromantic tragedy.


Best Bets

Submarino bathroom accessories, five new showrooms, and more new stuff in stores.

The Look Book

“When people first meet me, they’ll say, ‘You look like Andy Warhol; you must be an artist.’”

Know Your New Rinks

Where to go if you’re on a date, Wayne Gretzky–obsessed, a total amateur, or just a toddler.


A View We Haven't Seen in Twelve Years

Four World Trade Center is done; One World Trade, nearly so. A visit to the top.

Influences: Dan Harmon

The movies, books, and evolutionary anthropologists that inspired him.

The Pop Music Review

Jody Rosen on Beyoncé’s raunchy classic.

The Movie Review

Scorsese lets the camera run, and run, in The Wolf of Wall Street.

The Movie Review

August: Osage County is histrionic and inauthentic.

The TV Review

Dan Harmon’s blessed return to Community.

To Do: January 1–15, 2014

25 things to see, hear, watch, and read.


Comments: Week of January 6, 2014

Readers sound off on Reasons to Love New York, NYU, and more.

The Approval Matrix: Week of January 6, 2014

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.

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