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June 9, 2014 Issue

Cover Story

The Health Issue

Twenty-three years ago, New York introduced what would become one of its most enduringly popular features: the peer-selected “Best Doctors in New York” list. Its basic appeal doesn’t require much explanation: What better way to find a doctor, when you need one, than consulting the compiled opinions of 50,000 or so local medical professionals? Read more about the Health Issue here.
On the Cover: Photographs by Thierry Bouët.

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Does Oscar Sound Cooler Than Aetna?

Oscar, a post-Obamacare start-up, tries to conquer—and cover—a new generation of uninsured.

The Everything Guide to Sleep

Why a proper night’s rest can do wonders.

Life in Pictures: Dr. Kristi Funk

The breast surgeon—who counts Angelina Jolie among her patients—on a typical day of balancing her 10,000-patient-strong Pink Lotus practice with triplets.

Replaceable Me

From lab-grown lungs to mechanical eyes, the latest, and most realistic, artificial body parts.

How Justin Bieber Saved This Kid

Our son, Theo, had a mystery illness and kept getting worse. Three things turned the tide: huddles of doctors comparing notes, a lot of blood tests, and one stupid song.


Life, After

An accident in February cost the TV reporter Miles O’Brien his left arm. He soon discovered that every movement, no matter how small, requires rethinking.

Sitting Is Bad for You. So I Stopped. For a Whole Month.

My calves weren’t happy. Neither were my kids.

How Much Does It Hurt?

Zohydro is the new FDA-approved painkiller that some doctors think the FDA had no business approving. And in ERs across America, they’re anxiously awaiting the fallout.

Cutting-Edge Medicine

Long before Purell.

The Man Who Was Immune to AIDS

But not what came after.

The Last ...

... Outbreak of Ebola virus, use of mercury in medical equipment, and more.

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