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April 13, 2007 Issue

Cover Story

New York Weddings

So you want to get married in New York. Understandable; it’s one of the most romantic places on Earth (as anyone who’s surveyed the glittering view from the Rainbow Room will attest). But it takes some planning. And who better to guide you through the process than us? We’ve narrowed the options to the very best, enlisted the experts, anticipated the problems, and solved the dilemmas. It might seem overwhelming at first, but in New York, there’s a florist, stationer, caterer, and cake designer to satisfy every couple. In other words, the city is at your service—and so are we.


Ladies in Waiting

A selection of gowns that transcend the typical bridal silhouette, pictured in some of New York’s most handsome wedding venues.

From the Runway

Twenty-five gorgeous dresses embodying this season’s most desirable bridal fashion trends.

A Feast for the Eyes

New York’s top pastry and floral designers create formidable cakes and centerpieces for three very unique receptions.

From the Archives

Everyone Says I Love You

Some of New York’s most memorable weddings: from Alfred Hitchcock’s daughter’s at St. Patrick’s Cathedral to Cynthia Rowley’s in a Brooklyn airplane hangar.

Ask the Experts

The Gown Designer

“Girls ask, ‘Oh, how am I going to dance in this?’ Dancing is not the essential part of the wedding; the ceremony is.”

The Event Maestro

“I’m not about flowers, because they are so predictable. The most expensive wedding I’ve done had no flowers in it.”

The Planner

“Our motto is ‘Triple-check your double-checks.’ I micromanage every aspect in such a loving way.”

The Stationer

“Menus have become very elaborate. I do a menu–place-card combination that is really a tour de force.”

The Caterer

“Overstock the bar because there’s nothing worse than trying to find a bottle of Montrachet in the middle of the night.”

The D.J.

“Do-not-play lists say more about the couple than playlists. When I see Bob Marley on the former, I almost faint.”

The Lighting Designer

“Everyone understands what an orchid is, or a peony, or a rose. People don’t know what good lighting looks like.”

Everything Guide to Registering

Receiving Advice

Bergdorf Goodman’s Marien Klushin answers your gift-getting questions.

Six-Newlywed Poll

Greatest registry hits (and not so great).

Blue-Chip Items

All you need to know before you decide on your newlywed gifts.

Pre-Registry Reconnaissance

You’re going to live with them forever, so take a weekend to see your future heirlooms in 3-D. We map out the fastest route (and where to break for lunch).


Curate your registry list like a pro.

Decorating With Love

The married editors of The Bitch in the House and The Bastard on the Couch impart some wisdom.

The Best Storage Solutions For…

The best storage solutions for studio tenants, hammer-happy nesters, sentimental pack rats, and more.

Where to Unload Everything From Your Single Days

Where to get rid of kitchen appliances, dinnerware, towels, sheets, and more.

Beauty Calendar

Beautification: The Abridged Version

A six-month schedule to make the pretty even prettier.

For Each Gown, Its Own Workout

How to get your skin, hair, and body into shape for your wedding dress.

The Reception

The Reception: Guest Wrangling

So many potential invitees, so few delicious catered meals to go around. A reception-planning visual aid that makes the tough decisions for you.

A Sign of What's to Come

What the invitation says about the party.

The Reception: Please Be Seated

Karen Bussen, wedding planner and author, lays out the ideal floor plan that takes everyone’s needs—and idiosyncrasies—into consideration.

The Reception: Debt-Free Nuptials

Seven creative ways to save and still put on an unforgettable show

The Reception: On the Cheap

A monetary breakdown of an inexpensive wedding.

Reinventing the Reception

For some examples of how to make over the old-fashioned wedding, we enlisted event planner Loulie Walker to create blueprints for three alternative affairs.

The Reception: Musical Notations

We asked Tom Finn, one of the city’s foremost D.J.'s, to plot out a reception’s trajectory through music.

Kumquats, Dogwood, or Soy Candles?

How a chameleonlike event space, Peter White Studios, can change depending on an event designer's and a client's imagination.

The Album

Country Affair

Sarah Tesser & Kevin McDonnell at the Old Field Vineyards, Southold, New York.

Lakeside Soirée

Drew Meade & Andy Sofield at the Adirondack League Club, Old Forge, New York.

Waterfront Celebration

Wonda Joseph & Andrew Quinn at Empire–Fulton Ferry State Park, Bubby’s Brooklyn, Dumbo, Brooklyn.

Restaurant Dinner Party

Dorinda Lynch & Richard Medley at Brick Church, the Four Seasons Restaurant.

Loft Reception

Ellie Hawke & Mike Ware at Splashlight Studios.

Black-Tie Extravaganza

Haley Joel & Matthew Satnick at the American Museum of Natural History.

The Honeymoon

In the Ocean on the Other Side of the World

A high-minded, free-spirited holiday for two surfers in love.

Desert Island Fantasy

Twentysomething graduate students unwind on a Caribbean isle.

A Faraway Five-Star Paradise

Bucolic island-hopping and sophisticated city life for an epicurean pair.

Twenty-Four-Hour Brazilian Beach Party

A couple discovers more to do in their bikini bottoms than lie in the sand.

In Demand

Wedding Dress

Mark Ingram, Bridal Atelier

Wedding Lingerie

Jennifer Zuccarini, Kiki de Montparnasse

Bridesmaid's Dress

Beth Blake, Thread


Timothy Elliott, Barneys New York

Wedding Ring

Gianluca Maina, Harry Winston

Bridal Shoe

Jeffrey Kalinsky, Jeffrey New York

Men's Watch

Andrew Block, Tourneau

Bridal Veil

Alexandra Kowalski, Bride’s Head Revisted

Invitation Font

Lisa Hoffman, Ceci New York

Champagne Alternative

Greggory Hockenberry, Varietal

Sugar Flower

Ron Ben-Israel, Ron Ben-Israel Cakes

Required Reading

The Evening Dress

Not all women are fortunate enough to have a precise vision of their ideal dress in mind from the moment they first say “I do.”

Bad Bridesmaid

Siri Agrell’s collection of bridesmaid horror stories is culled from dozens of conversations she had with bridesmaids.

A Girl's Guide to Buying Diamonds

Its title could be a bit more modern, but this book is perfect for stashing in your purse.

The Ultimate New York Diet

Brides without the resources to hire a personal fitness guru now have a fine substitute, courtesy of trainer-to-the-stars David Kirsch.

Larousse Gastronomique Recipe Collection

French foodies have long turned to the pages of this culinary bible for the final word on French cuisine.

Bartlett's Words for the Wedding

A long-awaited compendium of appropriate wedding-day material.

Eco-Chic Weddings

Making your wedding environmentally responsible need not mean sacrificing style.

The World's Greatest Wines

It can be daunting to plan the wine menu for your reception on your own (luckily most couples will hire a caterer).

1,001 Songs

With the advent of the iPod age, more and more couples are taking the wedding-D.J. duties into their own hands.

Expense Report

Expense Report

A New York vs. national comparison of wedding costs.

Insider Pick

Pocket Square

Tim Gunn, Project Runway

Stain Remover

Francesca Roman, Butterfly Studio


Meredith Levy, BFF Bridal

Invitation Stamp

Cheree Berry, Stationer

Gift-Basket Item

Serena Bass, Serena Bass, Inc.

Reception Tent

Francesca Abbracciamento, Francesca Events

After-party Spot

Bronson Van Wyck, Van Wyck & Van Wyck

Cake Alternative

Will Goldfarb, Room 4 Dessert


Oulaivanh Jaigla, Banchet Flowers

Top Five

Places to Take Wedding Portraits

Cappy Hotchkiss, Cappy Hotchkiss Photography

Songs for the Recessional

Gale Curtis, Curtis Music

Seasonal Ingredients for the Spring

Michael Romano, Hudson Yards Catering

Brunch Spots for After the Wedding

Claudia Hanlin, The Wedding Library

Restaurants for Your Rehearsal Dinner

Sofia Crokos, Sofia Crokos Events

Bridal-Shower Ideas

Karen Bussen, Karen Bussen Event Design

Wedding-Night Suites

Jung Lee, Fête

Charity Donations Instead of Gifts

Sandra Miniutti,

Of-the-Moment Bridal Hairstyles

Eva Scrivo, Stylist

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