Wells, Fed

“The Kobe beef is just awesome. I get the bass appetizer – it melts in your mouth. The atmosphere is cool, there’s a cool giant Buddha, plus I always sit by the exit – it’s near the bathroom, so I can watch all the chicks.” (42 East 58th Street; 212-888-2288.)

“The mahimahi with prosciutto-and-mushroom sauce? Dude, it’s off the hook. I started going a few years ago; now I hit it a couple times a month. I just took Dan Marino for seafood the other night. They’re good people there, too.” (890 Seventh Avenue, at 56th Street; 212-541-9000.)

“Paul Simon, Dan Aykroyd, David Cohen, and Lorne Michaels threw a great surprise birthday party for me here once. It’s been my Japanese place ever since. They really have everything – my favorite dishes are traditional ones, like the chicken and steak with white rice. The food is served up Benihana-style, so you know it’s all good for the kids.” (68 East 56th Street; 212-223-7575.)

“The steaks are awesome. Good atmosphere, old-fashioned. I get the creamed spinach and the oversize tomatoes with onions. My son likes blue cheese on it.” (319 Broadway, near Federal Plaza; 212-406-1727.)

“You do the math.” (211 West 56th Street; 212-581-5656.)

Wells, Fed