Tropical Desserts

The caramelized-banana tart at SushiSamba.

Candied lemon cake (filled with lemon curd) is served with coconut sorbet and topped with mango, papaya, and pineapple. Let the sorbet half-melt and seep into the cake for pure bliss. (W Hotel Times Square, Broadway at 47th Street; 212-918-1400.)

Follow the delectable sushi and cocktails with a caramelized-banana tart with rum espuma and coconut sorbet. Even more exotic: coffee-and-coconut flan with candied chestnuts and passion-fruit sorbet. (245 Park Avenue South, near 19th Street; 212-475-9377.)

After the fab guacamole, you wouldn’t think it could get better. Then the dessert menu comes: Martin Leahy makes a semi-frozen lime-and-coconut Napoleon served with a chopped-mango salsa and citrus mousse. (373 Park Avenue South, near 26th Street; 212-294-1000.)

Mikael Andersson’s milk-chocolate-and-pecan-brittle parfait is served with a mango-raspberry coulis (a fancy word for syrup) and deep-fried coconut ice cream (less messy and eccentric than it sounds). (52 William Street; 212-859-2200.)

Rocco DiSpirito will rock your taste buds with a mango-and-papaya carpaccio and pineapple sherbet. Or have the lemon three-way—lemon cookie, lemon sorbet, and lemon charlotte, all served with pistachio cream. (111 East 22nd Street; 212-995-8500.)

Tropical Desserts