City Tours

Incorporating music and movie sound bites, crisply recorded CDs elucidate Chinatown, Times Square—even Dumbo—with new ones rolling out every month or so. ($19.95 at and other retailers.)

Ranging far and wide, Myra Alperson’s tours cover tahini, tapioca milk, and everything in between without skimping on history. ($18–$25;

Our landmarks weren’t built with brick and mortar alone. These cultural walks examine the urban politics beneath the skyline. ($12–$15; 212-439-1049; Municipal Art Society Website)

Promising “all of the history that the mainstream tours (and PBS) leave out,” Bruce Kayton walks the countercultural walk. ($10; 718-492-0069; Radical Walking Tours)

Groups comb the city from Wall Street to the Bronx Zoo for elusive clues. Rest assured: Scavenger hunts (like the Sex and the City tour) aren’t just for the under-10 set anymore. ($20–$25; 212-726-1529;

City Tours