Top Five Female Singer-Songwriters

Photo: AP Photos

1. Sheryl Crow The former Michael Jackson backup singer brings her singularly infectious tunes to Radio City. (July 30.)

2. Neko Case, Carolyn Mark, Kelly Hogan Led by alt-country queen Neko Case, these solo songbirds will collaborate on work from their personal stables. (July 26, Bowery Ballroom.)

3. Melissa Ferrick Morrissey’s patronage elevated her from coffeehouse status in ’94; she’s since released a steady stream of angsty acoustic music à la Ani DiFranco. (July 28 and 29, Joe’s Pub.)

4. April March Former animator for Ren & Stimpy and ex–Pussywillows front woman March sings in French, copping sixties yé-yé style—never mind that she’s actually Californian. (July 24, Mercury Lounge.)

5. Lucy Kaplansky Since her days at Gerde’s Folk City in the seventies, she has played with Shawn Colvin, become a psychiatrist, and given it up for a solo career and an album with Dar Williams. (July 23, Maxwell’s.)

Top Five Female Singer-Songwriters