Holiday Lightings

Rockefeller Center The original tree-lighting festival, and still the tourists’ gold standard, hosts Ashanti, Enrique, and graduates of that elite conservatory American Idol. (December 3.)

Festival of Light and Sound The palm-filled Winter Garden flips the switch on a fuse-blowing 100,000 lights. The Metro Mass Choir performs, and A Christmas Carol star Jim Dale reads Dickens, inaugurating a month of caroling, klezmer, and little men in elf suits. (December 2.)

Winter’s Eve Lincoln Center diversifies, following its own tree lighting, as the plaza and surrounding streets resonate with swing, lounge, bluegrass, flamenco, and the usual complement of jugglers, clowns, and magicians. (December 2.)

Christmas In Harlem Down the block from the Disney Store, the “new” Harlem makes another bid for parity with midtown, hosting its own arboreal festivities. (December 4.)

Washington Square Lighting Never too busy to make time with trustafarians and chess demons, Santa promises to join carolers and accompany NYU’s brass ensemble after the tree by the arch is switched on. (December 9.)

Holiday Lightings