Americana Week Fairs

Outside scoop: Sam Doyle's First Black Cleaner at the Outsider Art Fair.Photo: Ricco/Maresca Gallery, NYC.

1. The Winter Antiques Show
The granddaddy of fairs turns 50 with a loan exhibition from the Met’s American Wing. (January 16–25)

2. New York Ceramics Fair
A newer, more focused show that tends toward the past century borrows highlights from the Museum of Arts & Design. (January 14–18.)

3. The American Antiques Show
With a nod to primary season, the American Folk Art Museum’s third annual fair takes “The Art of Politics” as a theme. (January 15–18.)

4. Antiques at the Piers and Armory
Two related shows host 600 dealers combined and offer complimentary shuttles to the other shows. (January 16–18.)

5. Outsider Art Fair
The concept may be a bit played out, but the twelfth annual show, also co-sponsored by the Folk Art Museum, still plays to a thriving market. (January 23–25.)

Americana Week Fairs