Eight Things New York Comedians are Joking About Right Now

1. Hurricane Katrina
“Comedians pounced on it much quicker than other catastrophes. The golden rule is, if it’s funny, you can get away with it.”

2. Backroom abortions
“Everybody wants to say something shocking—and with Bush naming Supreme Court nominees, that means coat hangers.”

3. Unicorns
“It seems to be a nostalgia-for-childhood thing for hipsters. Bears, too. But mostly unicorns.”

4. iPods
“Here’s a joke about the Nano: ‘It’s ridiculous how small it is. What’s next? The Tampo?’ ”

5. Prescription drugs
“Pot jokes are passé; Cialis and the date-rape drug are hot.” “This is the joke everyone makes: ‘Cialis warns you to consult a doctor if your erection lasts more than four hours? Hell, I’m calling all my ex-girlfriends.’ ”

6. Paris Hilton and celebutantes
“She’s about as hashed over as the Pamela Anderson Lee–Tommy Lee tape.”

7. Star Jones
“So overdone, it’s starting to approach O.J. territory.”

8. Starbucks
“Totally hack. Starbucks is the airline peanuts of 2005.

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