The Missing Index

(All page numbers refer to American Son: A Portrait of John F. Kennedy, Jr. by Richard Blow. Henry Holt, $25.)

Advice: John ignores Blow’s, 186.

Appearance: John’s; V-shaped torso tapering into a slender waist, photographs did not do justice, 17; strong, thick hands and stubby fingers, 18; strands of gray around the temples, 155; eyes red and puffy, 199; vulnerable, 245.

Bessette, Carolyn: in tiny bikini, 49; shouting at John, 96; has Botox injections, 99.

Blow, Richard: putting hand over telephone mouthpiece, 72; feeling odd wearing John’s hand-me-downs, 77; throwing football with John, 78; refusing to be seduced by John, 95; experiencing increasingly complex feelings for John, 114; changing out of suit into $700 Hugo Boss sweater, $500 Canali pants, and $400 Armani shoes, 246; crying, 265; has flu, 285.

Clothes: John’s; white shirt, beige tie, charcoal suit, 18; black suit and sunglasses, 86; lace-up boots, blue jeans, and long-sleeved T-shirt, 165; conservative navy suit, 209; silk tie by exclusive Italian designer Blow had never heard of, 231.

Confidentiality agreement: Blow signs, 49.

Dinner: Bowery Bar, 52; Elaine’s, 83; Asia de Cuba, 174.

Executive style: John’s; firm grip, 17; uncomfortable as editor, 35; slumping in chair, 41, 199; suggests early lunch, 77.

George: wasn’t a democracy, 55; doors slam, 72; of original editors only John and Blow remain, 204.

Girlfriends: Blow’s; Nyssa moves out, 230.

Girlfriends: John’s; Ashley Richardson, 13; Sarah Jessica Parker, 13; Madonna, 14, 61.

Hannah, Darryl: moves in, 14; moves out, 22.

Kennedy family: Jackie Onassis, fears John is gay, 48; Ted Kennedy, fondness for alcohol, 93; Michael Kennedy, affair with teenage baby-sitter, 136; Joe Kennedy, marriage annulment, 136.

Lunch: JUdson Grill, 51, 68; Bubby’s, 119; Gallagher’s, 146, 205; Harvard Club, 219; Palm, 254; New World Grill, Trionfo, 258; Sarabeth’s, 274; Remi, 284.

Macpherson, Elle: nice buns, 48.

Mood: John’s; made cooing noises, 44; wished he were invisible, 183; foul, 244; deep irritation, 251.

Oswald, Lee Harvey: staff member cracks a joke about in front of John, 39; mother of, 127.Peppermint tea: John orders cup of, 259.

Security: Blow protects John from colleagues, 43; forms a human V in front of John, 132; feels protective of John, 153.

Stone, Sharon: night of wild passion with John, 48.

Television: Blow says it’s the last thing in the world he wants to do, 267.

The Missing Index