When ‘Write What You Know’ Gets Taken to Extremes

Ass, Catherine’s: as the counterpart to her head, 101; representing the image she has of herself, 168; as another side of who she is, 168; her “so-so face, but what an,” 168.

Fantasies, Catherine’s: as far too personal to ever be really shared, 32; as a Barbie doll, 116; as a porn actress, 199. (See also “Masturbation,” “Prostitution.”)

Farts, Catherine’s: never coming across enthusiasts for hers, 133.

Forty-Nine: as the number of sexual partners whom Catherine can name, 10.

Libido, Catherine’s: the two occasions when it was stalled, 73.

Masturbation, Catherine’s: with the punctuality of a civil servant, 200; looking like she is playing a guitar during, 207. (See also “Fantasies.”)

Men: See “Penis.”

Penis: Catherine’s enjoyment of, 1–209.

Prostitution: fantasy about participating in high-class, 49, 108; failed attempt at, 69.

Sex: against a wall, 24, 86; on the hood of a car, 24, 87, 158; in the back of a car, 47, 160; in a dentist’s chair, 82; in a soccer stadium, 87; while hanging on to a post, 88; on the counter of a concession stand, 88; on a bench, 90; in a garden, 92; in a vineyard, 95; on a hillside, 97; in an old chapel, 99; while clutching the narrow trunk of a tree, 99; on a farm, 99; on the side of the road, 101; on a rock, 102; in Canada, 110; in the back of a van, 121; in the cab of a semi, 122; in the bunk of an overnight train, 123; during a peep show, 127; in the office, 143; in the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, 153; in a sauna, 155; in an art studio, 189.

Style, Doggie: Catherine finally admitting to herself that it isn’t the most satisfying position, 169.

When ‘Write What You Know’ Gets Taken to Extremes