Overheard: What the Audience Really Thought about Elvis Costello

David Lewis52, Sales
He played “Pump It Up” hotter than I’ve seen in his whole career, which I’ve followed since 1978.

Emily Winner23, Marketing
We were just thinking how sad it is that a bunch of 60-year-olds are outlasting us. It’s hard to get a bunch of old white people in a seated theater moving.

Alyssa zeller23, Fashion Designer
There was a touch of merengue, which got me going.

Jim Johnstone32, Human Resources
He has a great voice—but it was shit sound where we were sitting in the balcony.

Jessica Duers35, Teacher
Bone-chilling. “Clubland,” “Watching the Detectives,” unbelievable. Elvis’s voice was pure silk.

Chris Duers39, Computer Programmer
Seeing [guest blues performer] Hubert Sumlin was like getting pretty close to the crossroads. Or as close as a white guy from Connecticut can get.

Beacon Theatre, April 22, 8 PM

Overheard: What the Audience Really Thought about […]