Al Hirschfeld Theatre 2 P.M. Matinee

Diane Mcginty
Newspaper Staffer
I’d hoped to see Reckless today, but I wasn’t able to—so we’re here and very happy with it. It’s great. Did she just take over this part?

Madeleine Dimler
I like Brooke Shields! I saw her in Grease, and after the show, a whole bunch of people were standing outside, and she talked to everybody, shook hands, and gave autographs.

Carlo Faria
I hate every bit of it! The book is second-rate; the music is trite. The performances are good, but even they look … high-school. A dreadful afternoon at the theater.

L.A. Beverage
I think it’s absolutely fantastic! I think Brooke Shields is wonderful. It’s easy, upbeat, fun. It’s just a fun show.

Jean Robson
I think it’s archaic. There was one song that disturbed me: “A Quiet Girl.” I said to my husband, “This is a stupid song!” And the guy next to me goes, “Shhh!”