Overheard: What the Audience Really Thought about ‘The Pillowman’

Nick Fox, 35, Financial PR
“It’s pretty disturbing, and I can’t understand why everyone’s laughing. At the moment, it’s pretty gruesome.”

Jody Prusan, “forties,” Educator and Actress
“I was taken by the line ‘Just because somebody says it doesn’t mean it’s true.’ That’s what made an impact on me, what I walked away with.”

Kees Flinterman, 60, Professor of International Law
“It’s a most bizarre play. I didn’t expect this at all! I’m from the Netherlands. I’ve never seen any of these actors before.”

Trey Hanbury, 35, Attorney
“I think I liked that there were good intentions underneath, a sort of trusting element, the thought that people couldn’t be that evil.”

Suzanna Kang, 35, Attorney
“Which torture story did I like the best? I guess they are somewhat humorous, and, like all good stories, they sort of leave you hanging at the end.”

Danny Katz, 41, Actor and Lawyer
“It touched a really raw sense of reality for me. Nothing else to say except I’d love to be an understudy!”

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