You’re appearing on an upcoming episode of Gilmore Girls. Isn’t the show a little girly for you?
Well, I got to this show by a particular course of events: They happened to write a script in which a well-known author is visiting Lorelai’s inn and drinking nothing but iced tea and driving the cook crazy. I think they were using the name Norman Mailer, and somebody said, “Let’s try and get him.” Of course I said no. But then they wanted my son Stephen, too, and that made all the difference. He and I had done a reading at the Provincetown Repertory Theater.

What was the play?
Don Juan in Hell.

That I find less surprising. Was your appearance on Gilmore Girls scripted?
I told them I couldn’t memorize any lines; it had to be improvisation. The hard part was having to repeat things over and over.

Do you like other TV?
I almost never watch sitcoms; I really have a prejudice against them. But for some reason I find Gilmore Girls kind of agreeable. The character Lorelai reminds me very much of my second-oldest daughter, Danielle—both of them are like beautiful hummingbirds, constantly talking and adjusting what they say, quick to the breeze. I told her to watch, and she said, “I watch it all the time: So does my daughter.” So now I’ll be famous with my granddaughter.

Gilmore Girls
The WB, October 26, 8 P.M.