Where Play’s The Thing

The Apprentice
WORLD BAR, Trump World Tower
845 U.N. Plaza

At this Thursday-night drinking game, would-be masters of the universe (and former contestants) toss back $10 bourbon-based You’re Fired cocktails every time the Donald drops trademark superlatives like “biggest” and “best.”

Go-Go Idol
9 Ave. A

New Yorkers were exchanging dignity for cash long before the reality-TV craze. In this Saturday-night showdown, contestants strut their stuff in a bid to win a $100 grand prize that’s determined, like Fox’s hit series, by audience response.

Hip-Hop Karaoke
116 Suffolk St.

Because if anyone needs a supportive space to grab the mike, it’s skinny guys with shag cuts and tiny T-shirts. On the first Monday of the month, a D.J. lays down instrumental tracks while downtowners unleash their inner 50 Cent. Even indie-rap darlings Northern State have hopped onstage to spit.

Adult Spelling Bee
485 Dean St.

Bored by arcane barroom trivia? The anxiety-filled childhood ritual is resurrected on the last Wednesday of every month at this Prospect Heights dive with so many loquacious lushes, it spawned a lit mag called Lurch. A dollar gets you in the game, which showcases such multisyllabic stumpers as “eleemosynary” and “archaeopteryx.”

131 Atlantic Ave.

The weekend bocce league that plays at this bar’s indoor dirt alley is so competitive, one team warms up to “Eye of the Tiger.” Key to its growing popularity (sixteen teams compete): You can excel with a drink in one hand.

Where Play’s The Thing