Cup O’ Joe

Jack’s imports its shade-grown, fair-trade beans from a Costa Rican farm and brews an excellent cup; twelve ounces, $1.65.
138 W. 10th St.; 212-929-0821

ING Direct
This Internet division of the Dutch bank serves hard-to-find Peet’s and has the best coffee deal in town: $1.50 buys you twenty ounces; savings-account customers get it for a buck.
45 E. 49th St.; 212-355-0674

Ciao For Now
The Catskills-roasted beans make for a lively cup, which you can drink out of one of the campy, mismatched mugs; a twelve-ounce cup to go is $1.36.
504 E. 12th St.; 212-677-2616

Gimme! Coffee
Gimme! specializes in superfresh beans and distinctively flavorful blends that come with detailed tasting notes; twelve ounces, $1.50.
495 Lorimer St., Williamsburg, Brooklyn; 718-388-7771

Consistently smooth and fresh, never overroasted; twelve ounces, $1.50.
Locations citywide

Great coffee, Amy Sedaris cupcakes, plus disheveled, groggy-eyed celebrities. Is that Philip Seymour Hoffman over there in the Adidas flip-flops? Sixteen ounces, $1.89.
141 Waverly Pl.; 212-924-6750

Cup O’ Joe